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Court Draws Line at Student Calling School Officials Feminine Hygiene Products

Courts rule student did not have right to call administrators "douche bags." Credit: Getty Images Could our Founding Fathers -- sober and saintly chaps to a man -- ever conceive of the First Amendment being used as a defense for callin...Former student plans to take her right to call officials "douche bags" to the Supreme Court.

Washington Judge Tells State to Provide More School Funding

Parents of Washington state students might not need to have as many bake sales to help pay for their kids' education.
An alliance of more than 70 organizations, including several school districts and the "state's largest teachers union," br...

Teenage Sex Case Leads to Impassioned Legal Crusade

Two Oregon teenagers had consensual sex in 2006. But what makes that news is one of them was 18, one of them was 15, and their story might -- just might -- be heading to the U.S. Supreme Court. If it gets there, justices could dramatically chang...

Christian Parents In Oregon Found Guilty Of Neglecting Ill Son

Jeff Beagley listens to testimony during his trial last month in Oregon City, Ore. Credit: Randy L. Rasmussen, Pool / AP
Prosecutors argued that Jeff and Marci Beagley of Oregon refused to get their 16-year-old son traditional medical treatment. ...

Michigan teen sues mom to identify biological father

When a seventeen-year-old Michigan teen discovered that the man who raised him wasn't his father, he sued. He united forces with his legal father to take his mother to court in order to compel her to reveal his biological father's identity. The mothe...


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