Ten years not enough for renting a child

What would you say is an appropriate sentence for a woman who "rented" her nine-year-old daughter to a pedophile? What if she did it more than once? What if she did it more than 200 times? What if she even held the girl down for the pedophile? What w...

13-year-old girl charged as both sex offender and victim

A 13-year-old Utah girl is facing unusual legal action in a court case that has reached the Utah Supreme Court. The girl is being charged as both a sex offender and a victim due to having sex with her boyfriend, who is 12. The problem started when ...

Girl dismissed from weightlifiting class over "rape" fears

A teenage girl has filed a $1 million lawsuit against a high school, siting sexual discrimination. The girl, a member of her school's track team, joined an all-male weightlifting class at her school in Tennessee. The principal made the decision to r...

Teacher can't wear veil in class

A British tribunal has ruled that a teaching assistant can't wear a veil in class. The assistant, who is 24 and Muslim, was suspended from her job for insisting that she wear her full-face veil. She has claimed religious discrimination and harassment...

Court upholds school's t-shirt ban

School dress codes have become further reaching in the last few years, public and private schools are banning all sorts of clothing. Anti-Bush t-shirts, camoflage and even shirts with the American flag since some schools are afraid of inflaming tensi...


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