Do We Really Need a Breast-Feeding Cookie?

MilkMakers, Milkin' Cookies -- these are two new-ish cookies created for breast-feeding moms. They're made from, among other things, oatmeal, yeast and flax seed, all long held to help boost milk production, and anecdotal evidence (well, people pos...

PETA urges Ben & Jerry's to use breastmilk

(Click the photo for more Absurd PETA Antics) Last week, Roger wrote about a Swiss restaurant that plans to use human breastmilk in 75% of it's recipes in place of cow's milk. PETA, for one, thinks the idea is a great one. They recently wrote a let...

Teen has sex with cow

I used to live in the UK, and one of the things I clearly remember, is that people from the city love to joke about country folk having sex with cows and sheep. They think it's hysterical. And today we learn, that in every joke, there really is a gr...


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