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July 4th Crafts for Kids: Tie-Dye T-Shirts and Pinwheels

A little red, white and blue style, and you're all set for a festive July 4. Credit: Gina Provenzano Make Independence Day festivities even more of a blast with DIY patriotic paper pinwheels and tie-dye T-shirts. Summer celebratio...Kids can show their own independence making unique crafts.

Make-and-Learn Crafts: Easter Funny Bunny Ears

Hippity-hoppity, the Easter bunny is on her way. Photo: Gina Provenzano
Ask any kid younger than 10 to name the first thing that comes to mind when he or she hears the word Easter, and we can pretty much guarantee the answer won't be the resurr...

Heart-Shaped Valentine's Day Crafts

I'll admit it: Cabin Fever is not a Craft Queen. But every year our dining room table turns into a factory for mass Valentine production. The children bring home class lists, we clear crafting space and then set about making a Valentine for everyone ...

Five Simple Ways to Make Music With Your Kids

Ah, the Christmas holidays. Sugar-high children freed from school and exclaiming their profound boredom, restless preschoolers careening the kitchen, toddlers emptying the cupboards, babies howling. Cabin Fever has the cure for these blues. It's time...

Valentine's Day ideas by Martha Stewart

I must admit, I was completely sucked into the Martha Stewart website this morning. It's like a gigantic black hole of beautiful ideas, just beckoning to me over my morning coffee. Once again, her team has come up with eleven easy and beautiful craf...

B is for Baby

I've always been a little envious of "crafty ladies." I admire Moms who sew sweet little costumes and create intricate mobiles that also sweep the floor and make toast. I was born without the creative gene. My brother's girlfriend once taught me how...

Adventures in Parenting: Rainy days and paper diapers

Another rainy day, another day of desperate attempts to keep Nolan from bouncing off the walls. First it was the family shopping trip to the grocery store, which went surprisingly well. Then it was making a paper mache hot air balloon. While we left ...

Family activity yearbook spices up your year together

Since we're on the topic of scrapbooking, how about a version that looks forward, rather than looking back? I've fallen in love with Angry Chicken's lovely 2006 Family Activity Book idea. As she describes her beautiful concept, it's kind of an anti-...


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