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Government Beefs Up Efforts Against Child Identity Theft

Credit: Corbis
Carnegie Mellon University researchers scanned more than 40,000 children's identity records and found 10 percent of them tainted by Social Security numbers that were being used by at least one other person.
In respons...
Kids provide tempting targets for identity thieves, sometimes within their own families.

Rules May Block Stay-at-Home Parents From Credit Cards

Credit cards may not be available for those who do not have individual sources of income after Oct. 1. Credit: Getty Images
Stay-at-home parents may not be able to get credit cards after Oct. 1.
That's when new federal rules kick in...
Rule aims to keep people in debt from acquiring more debts, but are there unintended consequences?

College Credit: New Law Can Put Parents in Hock for Students' Debts

New laws are making it harder for young people to get credit cards. Credit: Corbis.
As college acceptance letters arrive, parents have added responsibilities to discuss with their children, including how to handle that new credit card tucked nex...

Marijuana Mamas, Apology Cards, and Lisa Kudrow - Links We Love

Kid behaved badly on a playdate? Send an apology card. Photo:
Kate Gosselin admits it: Jon's been asking for a divorce for "a long time." She says that on a good day, she feels relief. On a bad, she feels failure. -- Whoa, Momma! One...

The return of the layaway purchase

Back in the day, before we all went crazy with our credit cards, there was another popular way of buying something you couldn't afford. It was called a layaway and it was a very good thing. For those of you unfamiliar with the layaway process, let m...

Family cuts up credit cards and spends 24% less in a month

There are a lot of reasons today that families are pinching pennies. Maybe your household has been hit by unemployment, or maybe you've just become a stay-at-home parent. Maybe gas prices or high heating costs are hitting you where it hurts, or maybe...

Five-year-old gets credit card

What would you do if your five-year-old got an application for a credit card in the mail? Well, just for fun, you might have your kid fill it out and maybe even send it in. That's what Amy Christiansen of Aurora, Illinois did. Imagine her surprise, t...

What's in your wallet?

Before I had kids, I carried a very simple wallet. It held a few cards and that was it. It didn't even fold; it was basically just one side of a folding wallet. On one side, there was a plastic slot for a driver's license while the other had about th...

College credit cards

Got a kid heading off to college? Chances are, the school has an agreement to offer an "affinity" card. That is, a credit card branded with the university's name and, probably, a photo representative of the school. A portion of the profits from each ...

Kids use cash cards to buy booze, porn

It seems that the ingenuity of kids wanting to get around the rules is still alive and well. Whatever new technology comes along, kids will put it to use to get into trouble. Take pre-paid "credit cards", for example. Sometimes called "cash cards" or...


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