Did You Share Your Unborn Baby's Name?

As you may know, Carnie Wilson, former Wilson Philips singer and talk-show-host, is expecting her second child. Carnie, who is in her second trimester, recently revealed the baby girl's name on national televisionl. If all goes as planned, little Luc...

Parenting Blogs, standards, and traditional media

I've been having some trouble blogging recently, mostly because I am struggling with this article. The Globe and Mail is Canada's most popular national newspaper, and it recently profiled one of this country's most prominent "Mommy" bloggers Catheri...

Do your kids ever call you fat?

I know that children are supposed to be some kind of paragons of honesty and truthfulness. But frankly? I am a little sick of it. I mean, do they need to be honest every day? And do they need to be honest about my weight? Do your kids every tell you ...


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