A well worn Mother's Day

I am 13 years into Mother's Day, well 14 if you count the year I was pregnant. In that span of time I have collected two more children and countless miles of mothering experience. I have laughed, cried, screamed and on a few occasions wished I was an...

How to calm a crying baby, the old-fashioned way

You know how every once in a while those old wives tales we always hear about turn out to be true? Well, I am skeptical at best about anything not essentially "proven" by modern science but have acquiesced now that I have a screaming six week old...

The benefits of crying

At least once a day, Ellie has a good cry. What sets her off is never the same and it is usually something small, like messing up a drawing or spilling milk on her dress. I used to worry that her tears over trivial things were an indication of a larg...

Children who can't cry, literally

My two year-old son, Devon, does not cry. Honestly. Sure he throws tantrums and bellows like any other two year-old child, but he rarely makes tears. He has made just a few tears, in only the right eye, in all of his 26 months. It is an oddity we not...

Dealing with separation anxiety

Being separated from your baby can be traumatic for both of you. If your baby screams every time you leave the room you have to ask yourself: Is this normal? Will it ever end? What occurs is separation anxiety, a normal developmental phase for babies...

Making Strange

As I stood in line waiting for my chai latte, a sweet grandmotherly lady in front of me reached out to stroke Nolan's cheek.  "Hello, blue eyes!" she cooed with a smile "Aren't you gorgeous?"  Nolan looked at her for a moment with wide eyes...


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