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CT Scans Not Always Best Response to Head Injuries

It might be a good idea to observe children for awhile before getting them a CT scan. Credit: Getty Images
One of the first things you want to do after a child has suffered a head injury is get him a CT scan. Right?
No, actually. ...
Your kid ought to have his head examined? Maybe. Maybe not.

Parents Fret as More and More Kids Get CT Scans

More and more kids are getting CT scans. Credit: Corbis
They're bombing our children with radiation! They're bombing our children with radia ...
Calm down. None of this is going to turn your child into a mutant freak. But, yes, t...
Radiation isn't good but won't turn your child into the Hulk.

Minimal Change Disease, what the heck?

I have posted a few times about an ongoing health issue with my nine year-old daughter, Cassidy. Last spring she became quite ill, stopped eating, lost five pounds and was so lethargic that she could barely get through the days. At first her teachers...

The stress of waiting for a diagnosis

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post regarding some food and weight concerns I have had for my nine-year-old daughter. Two weeks, several blood tests, a couple of urine screens and an ultra sound later the doctors are telling us that she might have s...


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