Cupcake-Selling Boys Shut Down by Cops Speak Out

Andrew DeMarchis got busted for his bake sale. Credit: David McGlynn
After countless interviews and tons of unsolicited publicity, you'd think 13-year-olds Andrew DeMarchis and Kevin Graff would be pretty full of themselves by now. After all, Goo...
The 13-year-olds were hoping to raise money from a bake sale to buy a hot dog stand.

Bake Sales: Let Them Eat Junk!

What is it about bake sales that is making them the focal point of more acrimony than national health care? My God -- can't we sell the kids a couple of cupcakes, pocket enough quarters to buy the school a field trip, and let the kids ingest an iot...

Book Review: Cupcake

Cupcake makes for a deliciously funny picture book. Credit: Disney Hyperion Books.
Cupcake by Charise Mericle Harper (Disney Hyperion, $15) It's always a pleasure to think you know exactly where a picture book is going, and then to be comp...

Should cupcakes be banned?

I love cupcakes. LOVE them! I never really cared about them until I became pregnant, at which point, during my third trimester, I developed a craving for them. This turned into an obsession, which, once the baby was born, put cupcakes squarely into ...

Celebrating birthdays at school

Ellie's 7th birthday falls on a school day this year. In the past, she attended a small private school where bringing treats to share with the class was not only allowed, it was expected. But now that she is public school, the rules have changed and ...


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