PetCakes Cupcake Toys

PetCakes come in their own cupcake wrapper. Credit:
Anyone who knows us can easily tell we have a thing for sweets. Ice cream toys? Yes, please. Cake shooters? Of course!
So, when we saw these cupcake-themed toys, we ju...
These sweet plush toys come in the cutest containers.


Move over cupcakes, CakeShooters are the new way to eat treats. Credit: CakeShooter A sheet cake is great. And cupcakes are always welcome. But, if you're looking for the latest sweet treat that's fun, trendy and totally delicious, you...When a cake or cupcakes just won't cut it, try a CakeShooter.

Pinkalicious Pinkatastic Cupcake Decorating Set

The Pinkalicious Pinktastic Cupcake Decorating Set looks good enough to eat. Credit: Little girls and cupcakes go together like princesses and pink -- so it should be pretty obvious why the Pinkatastic Cupcake D...Little girls and cupcakes go together like princesses and pink -- so it should be pretty obvious why the Pinkatastic Cupcake Decorating Set is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Cupcake-Selling Boys Shut Down by Cops Speak Out

Andrew DeMarchis got busted for his bake sale. Credit: David McGlynn
After countless interviews and tons of unsolicited publicity, you'd think 13-year-olds Andrew DeMarchis and Kevin Graff would be pretty full of themselves by now. After all, Goo...
The 13-year-olds were hoping to raise money from a bake sale to buy a hot dog stand.

Half-Baked? Police Called on NY Kids' Cupcake Sale

Credit: Stan Honda, AFP/Getty Images
CHAPPAQUA, N.Y. (AP) - Some parents in a New York City suburb are upset because a local politician called police on two 13-year-old boys for selling cupcakes and other baked goods without a permit. The Jour...
Trying to sell cupcakes, kid? You better have a permit for that.

Chocolate Milk: Nutritional Powerhouse or Treat?

Does chocolate milk do a body good? Credit: Jess Driscoll, Flickr
Have your children been nagging you about chocolate milk this week? If so, it might be because the dairy industry has launched a new campaign promoting the health benefits of choco...

Rebecca Romijn's pregnancy cravings

Television and film star Rebecca Romijn has opened up about her pregnancy cravings. The Ugly Betty actress recently announced she and husband Jerry O'Connell are expecting twins, and the cravings brought on by them can't be ignored. According to Rom...

New Zealand school bans birthday cake

Students at Oteha Valley primary school in New Zealand will have to find another way to celebrate their birthdays on site. The school recently banned birthday cakes due to new government guidelines designed to promote healthy eating. The Ministry ...

Laser-cut cupcake wrappers

If you're going to the trouble of making cupcakes for a party, you might as well do 'em up right. Paper Orchid offers cupcake wrappers with laser cut edges in 25 amazingly exquisite designs. So whether you need palm trees for a bon voyage party, bron...

Pregnant Milla eats!

Yay! I am SO excited to see a pregnant celebrity give in and eat for freak's sake. Milla Jovovich, versatile star of many a fine film, including the Resident Evil franchise and one of my all time favorites, The Fifth Element, who also has her own c...

Pregnancy and postpartum cravings

Have you noticed the things labeled as 'pregnancy' symptoms have stuck with you after you've had the baby? I'm referring to things like appetite, sleep patterns and food cravings. Although my appetite did fluctuate, my sleep patterns never really c...

Great Vegan cupcake book

When you're Vegan or have some types of food allergies, it might seem that there aren't any good recipes out there for you. My sister-in-law gave me a special cupcake book for Christmas due to the fact that my son can't have milk in his diet. As a lo...

Cupcake ideas for birthday parties and showers

Last summer, I found myself up to the elbows in butter and food coloring, inventing Thomas the Tank Engine cupcakes for Sarah Gilbert's son Everett. Admittedly, the project was more for me than for him. I had a blast painting little Thomas faces on ...


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