Curfew-Breaking Teen Sentenced to Hard Time - Babysitting for Free

Credit: Adrian McCandless, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram
What we had here was a failure to communicate. Kristin Rausch should have known better. You do not want to break the law in Texas, a state known for its strict treatment of criminals. ...

Will a Daytime Curfew Keep Kids in School?

In case you were feeling like a good parent this week, the city of Dallas wants to remind you that you're not. In order to combat juvenile crime, city officials are proposing a daytime curfew, with fines of up to $500 for kids who are out and about d...

Thou shalt not steal -- if it makes you late for church

An Indianapolis teen made sure he was home before curfew and that he was there in church every Sunday. How proud his mother must have been to have him sitting next to her on the pew each week, knowing how conscientious he was about being home by 1:30...

Tough choice: home after curfew or busted for speeding?

Sixteen-year-old Brandon D. Raap is usually home in bed by midnight. Last Friday night, however, he was running a little late. So, he hurried home. And when I say hurried, I mean he hurried. Porter County, Indiana sheriff's deputies recorded his spee...


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