curse words 

Say What?! ParentDish Team Comes Clean on Cursing

You kiss your mother with that mouth? Illustration by Christopher Healy
Recently, we met a woman who revealed to us her best-kept parenting secret: For 30 minutes each week, in the privacy of her home, she lets her 8- and 11-year-old kids use...

School Asks Cops to Fine Foul-Mouthed Students

Students at a Windsor, Conn., high school caught dropping the F-bomb and using other curse words will soon learn a new four-letter word: fine. The Windsor High School principal has asked police officers assigned to the building to charge...

New Study Says Swearing is Good

Do you curse in front of your kids? Photo:
CNN Medical Associate Producer Caitlin Hagan has a blog entry where she talks about a new study just published by Dr. Richard Stephens at Keele University in the United Kingdom. Apparently the...


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