curse words 

Say What?! ParentDish Team Comes Clean on Cursing

You kiss your mother with that mouth? Illustration by Christopher Healy
Recently, we met a woman who revealed to us her best-kept parenting secret: For 30 minutes each week, in the privacy of her home, she lets her 8- and 11-year-old kids use a...

School Asks Cops to Fine Foul-Mouthed Students

Students at a Windsor, Conn., high school caught dropping the F-bomb and using other curse words will soon learn a new four-letter word: fine. The Windsor High School principal has asked police officers assigned to the building to charge swearin...

New Study Says Swearing is Good

Do you curse in front of your kids? Photo:
CNN Medical Associate Producer Caitlin Hagan has a blog entry where she talks about a new study just published by Dr. Richard Stephens at Keele University in the United Kingdom. Apparently the ...


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