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Facebook Reunites Mom With Kidnapped Kids

A California mom who says her children were kidnapped by their father more than 15 years ago has been reunited with her son and daughter after she searched for them on Facebook. Police say Faustino Utrera disappeared from San Bernadino, Cal...

Father Could Face Jail Time For Bringing Daughter To Church

Joseph Reyes could face jail time for bringing his daughter to church. Sound strange? The reason for the possible visit to the pokey: By bringing the 3-year-old girl to a Catholic church, Reyes violated an order from Chicago family court that...

Judge Tells Mom: Punish Kids For Skipping Visits With Dad

Australian kids who want to skip visits with dad may find themselves without video games, television or other favorite pastimes. A judge has ordered a mother to deny her children privileges until they comply with a court order requiring them to sp...


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