A Fourth of Parents Say Their Kids Have Encountered Cyberbullying

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Teenagers call it "trolling."
They're not talking about catching fish from a moving boat. As prone to abusing the English language as they are each other, that's the new slang term for what adults call cyberbull...
Middle school students are the most likely to be victims of cyberbullying, a survey finds.

Help, My Daughter is Being Cyber-bullied, from Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil reveals the best plan of action for dealing with cyber-bullies.
Also, don't miss from Dr. Phil on MarloThomas: My Kids Are Asking for Everything, from Dr. Phil Dr. Phil offers his expert advice to overwhelmed parents. How to Nav...
Dr. Phil reveals the best plan of action for dealing with cyber-bullies.

Cyberbullying Solutions for Parents

Spreading rumors and bullying is nothing new. Kids have always found ways to be cruel to one another. But today's kids are dealing with something much more sinister: cyberbullying. Kids are now using their cell phones and computers to hurt, humil...Spreading rumors and bullying is nothing new, but cyberbullying takes it to dangerous new levels.

Are Kids Today Meaner Than Ever Before?

The internet could be a factor in today's kids being meaner than in years past. Credit: Getty Images This topic was inspired by someone whom even the author of the original article refers to as a "family scientist" (think air-quotes), ...

Mean Girls In Trouble for Cyberstalking Teen on Fake Facebook Page

Underage teens McKenzie Barker and Taylor Wynn are charged with cyberstalking of a minor under 16. Credit: Lee County Sheriff's Office In a real-life twist that could have come straight from the script of "Mean Girls," two underage Flo...Teens charged after creating fake Facebook page of a classmate.

No Child Left Unbullied?

Bullying is everywhere right now. The playground. The locker room. The chat room. The national news. It's also on every parenting website, most state legislatures and even the calendar (October was National Bullying Prevention Month). Hurry, you m...Before you start homeschooling your kids, let's get a few things straight.

Family of Dying Child Cyber Bullied by Neighbors

The family of Kathleen Edward, a 7-year-old Michigan girl in the late stages of a terminal illness, is dealing with not only the girl's deteriorating health, but also online and in-person harassment from their neighbors, ABC News reports. Ka...The family of a 7-year-old Michigan girl in the late stages of a terminal illness, is dealing with not only the girl's deteriorating health, but also online and in-person harassment from their neighbors.

'Jessi Slaughter' Online Video Scandal Draws Concern

PRODUCTION PLAYER! DO NOT DELETE. An 11-year-old girl's angry, profanity-laced online video rants are drawing widespread attention for their shocking content. The girl, who calls herself "Jessi Slaughter," in one video tells h...

Schools Uncertain How to Handle Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a growing concern in schools. Credit: Getty Images
Schools today are facing difficult and complex decisions on whether -- and how -- they should deal with cyberbullying. High tech bullying, which ranges from barrages of teas... Social Networking Site for Teens Gets Ugly

It's Facebook ... with an attitude. A very, very bad attitude. is a social networking site thousands of teens are using to post truly nasty comments about people's looks, friends and sexual habits. Teenagers (well, anyone, actua...

Half of Youth Who ID as LGBT Say They're Bullied Online

More than half the nation's nonheterosexual kids are victims of cyberbullying, often with devastating emotional effects. An online survey conducted by researchers at Iowa State University showed that 54 percent of nonheterosexual youth are regul...

When Moms Bully Moms, Online and Off

More and more parents are being bullied, online and off. Credit: it's life, Flickr
Gillian Foreman is an enthusiastic breastfeeding advocate, and when she said as much on Twitter, she found herself being attacked online -- by her next-door neighb...

Cyber Bullying and How to Stop it

Cyber bullying is abuse that takes place through the use of information and communication technologies. Cyber bullies use social networking sites, chat rooms, cell phones, text, email and more to threaten, abuse and bully their victims. A victim of c...

Teen Insult Web Site Shut Down

Cyber bullies get the boot in Maryland. Image: Michal Zacharzewski/
While there are plenty of online destinations for students looking to cyber-bully a classmate, one site in particular seems to have been created for that purpose alone. Peo...

Bullied to Death

17-year-old Mentor, Ohio High School student Eric Mohat was the target of relentless verbal and physical abuse from his fellow students. In March of 2007, Eric committed suicide after one of his tormentors said, "Why don't you go home and shoot yours...


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