Teen "Sexting" Isn't All That Dangerous

Texting naked photos of yourself is stupid, but it's not the most problematic thing kids are doing online. For most teens, cyberbullying is a far bigger problem. When I was a teenager, our parents worried that we were having sex, but they didn't t...

Teen Threatened for Not Swearing

I try not to swear. I say things like "shoot" or "fiddlesticks", but my kids have indeed heard my say things I couldn't say on television. Especially when doing battle with Microsoft products. Still, we do try to set a good example and we don't hang ...

Burger King Ad Encourages Cyberbullying

Burger King's latest and most desperate attempt to regain it's once regal status as fast-food royalty is an offer to Facebook users that if they drop 10 of their online "friends," the chain will give them a free Whopper.
Scary Cyber...

How can teachers fight back against online pranks?

Back in my day, about the only way students could harass teachers outside of the classroom was to to toilet paper their house. To do that, you had to know where they lived and actually sneak out of your own house to accomplish the task. That may soun...

Cyberspace - the new frontier for bullies

Having already dealt with school-bus bullying, I am dreading the day when Ellie is old enough to be bullied online. As of now, her adventures in cyberspace don't involve communicating with others, but some day that will change. And when it does, ther...


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