Girl, 12, Gets Suspended Sentence for Cyberstalking

Girls, 11 and 12, posted sexually explicit photos of a classmate on Facebook. Credit: AP Think your child is too young to be wrapped up in a cyberstalking case? A 12-year-old received a six-month suspended sentence for committing the c...Girls, 11 and 12, posted sexually explicit photos of a classmate on Facebook.

Mean Girls In Trouble for Cyberstalking Teen on Fake Facebook Page

Underage teens McKenzie Barker and Taylor Wynn are charged with cyberstalking of a minor under 16. Credit: Lee County Sheriff's Office In a real-life twist that could have come straight from the script of "Mean Girls," two underage Flo...Teens charged after creating fake Facebook page of a classmate.

'TextEd' Website Launched to Combat Teen Sexting

Texting is ubiquitous in Canada, and growing every day. In September 2009, Canadians sent approximately 100 million text messages per day, and text message volumes have been doubling every year since text messaging was introduced in 2002. But when it...

Steve Phillips' Mistress Stalked His Son

By now you have heard about ESPN baseball analyst Steve Phillips and how he can't keep his bat in his pants. There is another aspect of the story that we wanted to share with you. Brooke Hundley, the 22-year-old other woman in Phillips' life, appa...

Hey online predators, Hayden Panettiere helps teen girls get 2 SMRT 4U!

As the cheerleader who self-heals the most extreme wounds on TV's hit show, Heroes, Hayden Panettiere is pretty invincible. The fact that she hasn't made it into the tabloids pantyless... well that makes her a pretty good role model these days. Hayde...


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