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Quarter of Parents Don't Discipline Kids for 'Easy Life,' Survey Finds

Three in 10 adults say they're pushovers when it comes to disciplining their kids. Credit: RachelH_, Flickr
Time out may be getting its own time out, as 25 percent of parents responding to a recent survey say they don't discipline their children ...

Parents Say Pornographic Candy Wrappers Are Not All That Sweet

A dad was disturbed by what he saw on his kids' candy wrapper. Credit: Europics / CEN
A British father got his knickers in a twist after seeing what he believes are pornographic images depicted on candy wrappers. Simon Simpkins of West York...

British Soccer Star Has Ultrasound Party

Coleen and Wayne Rooney shared their ultrasound with friends and family. Credit: X17online
For most, childbirth and everything leading up to it is a private affair. For others, it's a public display of affection. Wayne and Coleen Rooney, a f...

New Book Says That Fatherhood Can Be A 'Misery' For Dads

Move over "Bad Mother." Make room for "Bad Father." According London's "Daily Mail," men are finally speaking up about the sadness they feel when they have kids.
Day Out with Daddy: Celebrity Dads and Kids Matthew McConaughey ...

Teen Mother Told To Keep Quiet About Other Boys

The girlfriend of underage dad Alfie Patten, Chantelle Stedman, was instructed by her own mother to tell the British press that the 13-year-old schoolboy was the father of her new baby, despite the fact that this might not be true, according to The D...

White lies and the parents who tell them

We all tell white lies. If we say we don't, to each other and ourselves, we're telling a white lie right then and there. We tell them to other adults, and we certainly tell them to our kids. More often than not, we tell the white variety of the li...

Mom gets teen to behave by giving her cigarettes

My husband and I like to joke that the foundation of good parenting is bribery. Want the kids to clean their rooms, or sort the laundry, or just play nicely for a while? Offer a bribe! We're kidding, and even when we're not the bribe at our house is ...

Kathy Hilton's dream world

Despite what some people may think, Paris Hilton did not drop onto this earth from Planet Rich Girl , drink in hand and ready to declare things 'hot'. No, she has a mother just like everyone else and that mother, Kathy Hilton, clearly loves her daugh...

Children's hands forecast whether they will be good at math?

I know that the Daily Mail can have kooky stories, some that must be taken with a grain or vat of salt...but a lot of the time, they also have really interesting little tidbits. Take this recent article that reports on the finding of a "study" that c...


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