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Dakota Fanning Goes Lolita in New Perfume Ad

Fragrance for women, brought to you by a teenage girl. Credit: Marc Jacobs Since the dawn of time, girls have been out to prove that they're all grown up. Some wear provocative clothing, some toss around curse words and smoke cigarette...Is it cool for a teen to seductively shill for a women's perfume?

Did I Give My Son A Girl's Name?

Our five-year-old-son is named Azure. It means blue in French and Azurite is the name of a mineral with several shades of blue in it. Have never met or seen the name used on anybody other than my son...however, on baby-naming sites, it's listed as a ...

Coraline Director Henry Selick Scares Children - And Likes It

Henry Selick likes to scare children. And the director of the new film Coraline, opening February 6, is very good at it. "I absolutely believe that all kids love a good scare." Tell us about Coraline. It's based on a best-selling children's novell...

Trend Alert: Pettiskirts are not just for dress-up anymore

When Dakota Fanning wore a skirt made from vintage petticoats to the Teen Choice Awards in 2003, it caught the eye of Molly Swindall, an 11-year-old girl from Atlanta. She loved it so much that she tracked down designer Kandi Lightner and convinced h...

Dakota Fanning wants to direct

When I was twelve, I wanted to be a writer, a lawyer, a ballerina, and the Prime Minister. I am glad we're not tied to our childhood dreams. Some kids have goals that are a little more realistic, including child actress Dakota Fanning, who is almost ...


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