Make a Cooking Date With Your Child

Cabin Fever loves to cook. And I want my children to love cooking, too. While they all know how to stir batter, eat chocolate chips off the counter and lick the bowl, I've struggled to find time to involve each of them individually in the preparation...

The Obama's first date as First Couple

President-elect Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, have this marriage thing down pat, I think. While he was in the thick of his Presidential campaign, he returned home on their anniversary, despite her assurances that he didn't need to. And she's b...

Making movie night worth the babysitter

Babysitters aren't cheap these days and on top of the actual cost you have to figure in the hassle of finding one, instructing them, and, possibly driving them home afterwards. But suppose you've done all that and now you and your significant other a...

It's date night! What are you wearing?

It's Monday, which means you have all week to plan for Date Night. Call the sitter, make dinner reservations, and then start looking for something to wear. The best date outfits include pieces that are comfortable but NOT kid friendly -- go all out ...

What are your rules for dating?

I have a friend with three daughters who has a simple plan for when his daughters come of age -- he'll bury the first boyfriend in the front yard to serve as a warning to others. I think I'm going to use the advice someone gave me -- When a boy comes...

Saturday night date night - at home

Ever since Jared was born, Rachel and I haven't had much opportunity to go out together, just the two of us. The number of times we've gone out, sans kids, can be counted on one hand. So far this year, however, we've gone out twice, and I think we're...

A night alone -- what to do, where to go?

Twice in one month! That's definitely a record for us. In fact, going out for the evening without kids twice in one year is a record. Even before we had kids, we had other issues we were dealing with that kept us from being the party animals we would...

Martha's wall calendar

I am not a fan of Martha Stewart, but this idea is an interesting one. She took a section of wall and, using chalkboard paint, created a permanent, reusable wall calendar. With 8" squares, her calendar measures 48 by 56 inches, giving plenty of room ...


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