David Beckham set to launch kids books

Soccer superstar David Beckham is set to launch a series of books aimed at getting kids to read through soccer. These days, Beckham is known as much for his celebrity lifestyle and products that carry his name as he is for his Euro football moves. In...

Posh Spice cooks for her family!

Ok, who knows if this is really true, but it's certainly cute. According to Victoria Beckham herself, she cooks for her family. Many moms accomplish this task, but I'd wager few are as busy as Posh Spice, who spends her time running her fashion line...

Victoria Beckham "too busy" for more children

Let's set the record straight. Apparently there were some rumors out there that Victoria Beckham was keen on having additional children. Well, according to Posh Spice herself she doesn't want any more kids. While there was a time Victoria would'...


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