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Code Blankie - call for backup

Don't get between a kid and his blanket. Not unless you want the cops raining down on your day care center. Okay, not really. But, police did respond to an emergency call at the Willows Child Learning Center when a parent and a teacher got into an ar...

3-year-old bring 14 bags of pot to daycare

When a daycare teacher at the Myrtle Jarmon Child Care Center in Jamaica, New York head one of her 3-year-old charges yelling "give me my stuff back!", she went over to investigate. Imagine her surprise when the "stuff" turned out to be fourteen bags...

Parents sue daycare over thumbtack punishment

Throughout Christy's childhood, she attended a number of different daycare centers. Some where small, independent operations and others were national chains. For reasons that don't make sense even to me, I always felt more comfortable when she was in...

Who is minding the children?

According to research in the UK, two out of three families in which both parents work rely on grandparents to care for the kids. This free grandparent care saves those parents an average of £2,685 per year in childcare expenses. What's more, ma...

Details you might want to share with child care providers

When I work at a local drop-in nursery during the winter months, I am always amazed at what the parents don't tell us when they drop off their kids. Sure, we always inquire about any dietary needs or allergies, but that covers a fairly limited territ...

Blogging Baby Size Six: The flawless drop-off

For those of us who have children in day care or preschool, we deal with separation anxiety for both ourselves and our children. Sometimes it is a chronic issue, other times it is circumstantial. Whatever the case, there are steps we can take to ease...


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