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Day Care Centers Cut Off Babies From Breast Milk

Watch a videos on weening your child from breast-feeding.
A lot of day care centers don't provide overnight refrigerated storage. Credit: Getty Images "No breast milk? What do you mean no breast milk? Come, Marjorie, we're leaving!" ...
If you want your baby to have breast milk, you might want to stay away from Cincinnati.

Are You Paying for Day Care or a Human TV Remote?

This probably doesn't happen often -- your kids are more likely in front of the TV. Credit: Getty Images
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
It could be your kids while you're at work. Odds are, they spend more time with SpongeB...
Researchers find many day care centers rely on TV rather than human interaction.

School Uniforms for the Day Care Set a Growing Trend

At what age should kids start wearing school uniforms? Credit: Getty
Note to parents: Add khaki pull-ups, polo shirts and navy skorts to the boxes of tissues, paint smocks and juice boxes on your toddler's school supply checklist.
Do toddlers need to wear school uniforms at preschool? Some are saying yes.

Opinion: When Did Day Care Become a Bad Thing?

Do you scoff at summer camp? You obviously don't have four kids. Credit: Getty
In the five months I have spent as a mom of four kids, I've learned that I'm probably always going to be behind.
I'm regularly late on the payments for m...
A busy mom of four says sending your kids to day care is perfectly OK.

Preschooler, 3, Suspended for Potty Mishaps

Many schools enforce potty training policies -- but are they fair? Credit: Corbis Parents typically have a checklist of questions they want answered when enrolling their toddlers in preschool. Here's a new one to add: "What happens if ...The child's mom wants the school district to change its policy on potty training preschoolers.

Little Kids In Day Care Get Sicker, But Are Healthier Over the Long Haul

Kids who go to day care get sick less in elementary school, a new study shows. Credit: Corbis
Working moms, finally, here's a study to give you fodder on the mommy battle front: Your career can actually make your kids grow up healthier. Well, ...
Even though babies and tots who go to child care centers get sick more often during their preschool years than kids who stay home, they tend to be healthier in grade school, according to a new study.

Crabby Babies Fare Better With Family Over Day Care, Study Shows

Fussy babies are better off with mommy than day care. Credit: Getty Images
If you have a fussy and irritable baby, you might want to leave him at day care. Indefinitely. But, alas, even if you don't want to be around the crabby little so-...
Crabby babies fare better when they are driving you insane instead of a daycare provider.

Your Day Care Choice May Have an Impact on Your Child's Later Success in School

A study suggests the kind of day care your child receives as an infant or toddler may affect how he does on academics tests as a teenager. Credit: Getty Images
There are obviously many reasons you want to take care when choosing a good day care ...

Children Chubbier When Watched by Grandparents, Study Shows

Should grandparents be more careful about their grandkids' diets? Credit: Getty Images
Young children are more likely to be overweight if they are cared for by their grandparents, a British study concludes. The BBC reports that researchers fro...

More Mothers Are Returning to Work

With families finding it harder than ever to make end's meet, many SAHMs are returning to work sooner than they would like. The kids are alright, but moms are struggling. I always knew that being a full-time mommy was a temp job. From day one, new...

Grandparents take better care of the kids

If your child care situation involves grandparents, you can rest easy knowing they are in good hands. In fact, according to a new study published in the latest issue of Pediatrics, your children might be safer with their grandparents than they are wi...

Babies in daycare less likely to deveop asthma

Asthma is the result of an overactive immune system. When a benign substance, such as pollen, is inhaled by an asthmatic, their body reacts defensively, which creates inflammation and wheezing. Researchers have long thought that this over-response is...

Midwestern moms more likely to go back to work

Sandy recently told us about a new Census Bureau report that found that, not only are women waiting longer to have children, many are choosing not to have children at all. That same report turned up another interesting piece of information: Midwester...

Preschooler investigated for threatening his friends

I don't know why the teachers at The Family Development Center at University of Colorado would take away a child's pillow right before nap time, but for some reason they did. And the child who lost his pillow was not happy. In fact, 4-year-old Kyle k...

Playgroups may decrease risk of childhood leukemia

New research suggests that children who attend day care or are frequently exposed to other children through playgroups or playdates may be at a decreased risk of developing leukemia. According to this article from Yahoo, leukemia is thought to be cau...


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