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Higher Obesity Risk for Children Watched by Grandparents

As busy working parents with two young children, my wife and I have often considered leaving our kids with their grandparents instead of daycare. When they were really young, it seemed like the rational choice. Our kids would be supervised by lovin...

It's Toothbrush Time for Toddlers in Massachusetts

Massachusetts has mandated toothbrush time for kids in day care facilities. Credit: Getty Images
Day care providers have an additional brushing activity for youngsters, and it's not using a paint brush. Massachusetts has added dental care to re...

When you can't get a sitter

Ever have one of those nights? You really need to get out of the house, perhaps spend some time with your spouse, significant other or just yourself, but you can't get a sitter. Or, maybe you had a sitter and he/she bailed on you at the last minut...


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