Nursery Style Ideas That Don't Cost a Fortune

Removable wall art lends versatility to a nursery's decor. Credit: Kenziepoo, Flickr Decorating a stylish nursery doesn't have to require dipping into your child's college tuition fund. To help keep costs low, but style high, ParentDis...Cute nursery ideas that won't break the bank.

IdeaPaint HOME Dry-Erase Paint

Your child's imagination will soar with a wall that acts as a blank canvas for all their creative thoughts. Credit: IdeaPaint If you're looking for a great way to transform a kids' room or playroom into a mecca of creative exploration,...Create an instant dry-erase surface for your kids to express their artistic inclinations or even sketch out their next big invention.

This Little Guy Wants You to Floss

He's so cute, he'll make you want to floss every day. Credit: Unica Home
Each time we visit the dentist, we solemnly pledge we'll floss every single day and we usually do ... for about three days. But now that we've found the Otto Dental Floss...

Stick-On Wall Decor Lets Kids Create Custom Scenes

This interactive wall art is as much fun to play with as it is to look at. Credit: Children's Revolution
Oopsy Daisy's Peel & Place canvas sticker sets let you and your child create custom wall decor that's as adorable to look at as it's fun ...

Baby Boy: Crib Bedding for Your Little Cowboy

Designing your baby's nursery? Cowboy up! Credit: Getty
Decorating a new baby's nursery can be an exciting time, especially if you have a unique look in mind. Cowboy themes are not only very popular for baby boy crib bedding right now, but t...

Take Picture Hanging to a Whole New Level

We've got some real hang-ups when it comes to picture hanging. Credit: Under the Roof Decorating
A little to the left. No, a smidge to the right. That's it! No, wait ... Arrgh! Hanging pictures in our house is a frustrating and annoying orde...

D.I.Y. Shower Curtain Draws Kids to the Tub

Draw (on) the (shower) curtain. Credit: Grain
"Draw the curtains" just took on a whole new meaning. The Ty D.I.Y. Edition shower curtain is a blank canvas that just begs for your kids to transform it into their own masterpiece with the inclu...

Baby Crib Bedding Sets on a Budget

You've got the crib, now you need the bedding. Credit: Getty
Having a baby is a wonderful excuse to shop for pretty things, but it can get expensive. Creating the perfect nursery often begins with baby crib bedding sets, which set the tone fo...

Modern Design - A Puzzle Rug!

Shopping is literally a guilty pleasure, especially these days, since it's easy to feel seriously guilty doing it. Online "window shopping," on the other hand, is another story. Well, to clarify: Window shopping for myself, not so much fun. Window...

When Should Christmas Decorations Go Up?

As I am sure you've noticed, many stores have had their Christmas decorations up since well before Halloween. Even Ellie - who loves Christmas like an eight-year-old should - is annoyed by that. Her dislike of this premature hall-decking may have bee...

Crate & Barrel ghost tealight holders - Product Recall

Before you pack up your Halloween decor, make sure you don't have these tealight candle holders. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced the recall of about 30,000 of them due to the fact that they can ignite. Obviously, this poses ...

Top storage solutions

After a brief hiatus, ParentPicks is back! This is where we take full advantage of your wisdom and experience and ask you to share it with other parents. Whether you have one child or six, chances are you have come across a product, an idea, or a so...

Beautiful, whimsical art for kid's rooms

When I was shopping for decor for my son's nursery, I became frustrated by all the....animation. Winnie the Pooh was ubiquitous, and though I have no problem with him and Eyore in picture books, I didn't necessarily want donkeys and honey-bears all o...

Tangram shelves

Surely you're familiar with tangrams, a puzzle involving a square divided into seven smaller shapes? The object is to form a picture using all seven shapes without any overlapping of pieces. You can easily make your own, or purchase sets at any toy o...

Do your kids have a normal room?

What does a normal room look like? Depends on where you are, I suppose, and the purpose of the room. But would a kid's room in Idaho really look all that different from one in Finland? Normal Room is a website that will let you find out. Basically, i...


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