Stick-On Wall Decor Lets Kids Create Custom Scenes

This interactive wall art is as much fun to play with as it is to look at. Credit: Children's Revolution
Oopsy Daisy's Peel & Place canvas sticker sets let you and your child create custom wall decor that's as adorable to look at as it's fun ...

Take Picture Hanging to a Whole New Level

We've got some real hang-ups when it comes to picture hanging. Credit: Under the Roof Decorating
A little to the left. No, a smidge to the right. That's it! No, wait ... Arrgh! Hanging pictures in our house is a frustrating and annoying orde...

Bye, Bye Blackboard - Colorful Chalkboard Paint Is Here

Erase boring chalkboard paint from your life. Credit: Hudson Paint
If you love the idea of painted-on chalkboard, but black and green bring back bad memories of eighth-grade geometry, it's time to get schooled with Hudson Paint's colorful chalk...

Baby Crib Bedding Sets on a Budget

You've got the crib, now you need the bedding. Credit: Getty
Having a baby is a wonderful excuse to shop for pretty things, but it can get expensive. Creating the perfect nursery often begins with baby crib bedding sets, which set the tone fo...

Create Cool Kids' Rooms Without Spending A Fortune

The key to a cool kid's bedroom makeover is letting your imagination run wild. Credit: Michelle Workman
Sprucing up your kid's bedroom doesn't have to cost a fortune to look super cool and luxe, says interior designer to the stars Michelle Workma...

ShelterPop - Kid Friendly Homes Made Beautiful

Think kid-friendly, stylish decor is impossible? Think again! Image: Vinyl Silhouettes
These days, we're all spending more time at home, because who can afford to go anywhere? But instead of lamenting what you can't have, think about what you cou...

Bravo's Ryan Brown Offers Tips for Kid-Friendly Decorating

It's the classic parent conundrum: How do you make your house kid-friendly and stylish? Is it even possible to have both, or are those of us with tots doomed to live in homes furnished in brightly colored plastic? Interior designer Ryan Brown say...

Is your dorm room totally fugly?

Did you arrive at college full of hope and excitement about your first stab at independent living, only to discover that you'd be sharing a moldy, decaying disaster zone with some stinky weirdo? Bummer. Fortunately, there's someone who can help. Wal...

Let your kids draw on the walls

I've always thought it'd be cool to let my daughter decorate one wall of her bedroom by herself. Then I remember that she's 2, and may not enjoy staring at the same scribbles and stick figures for months until I get around to painting over whatever s...

The joy of creating Christmas traditions

Keeping with tradition (and, by "tradition," I mean something we came up with a few years ago) my husband and I pulled out the Christmas tree for decorating on Friday night. Since we have a 2-year-old and a 10-month-old, we weren't sure how things wo...

Letter pillows: soft spelling

My kids love the plastic letter magnets on our refrigerator and our young playdate pals love to tear them off and listen to the delicious sound of them hitting the floor. Enter these letter cushions from Childhood Interiors, you can throw them around...


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