Is the Global Rise in Elective C-Sections Tied to Social Class?

There's no denying, elective C-sections are gaining in popularity. Credit: Getty Images You totally planned getting pregnant. You mapped out the nursery months in advance. You've already lined up interviews with preschools. So, why sho...About one-third of American pregnancies end in C-section deliveries.

Lights, Cameras ... But No Videos in the Delivery Room

Some hospitals are banning photos and videos in the delivery room. Credit: Getty New parents who think their infant has the cutest little baby face -- and are eager to post in on YouTube for the world to see seconds after delivery -- m...Can't wait to videotape baby's birth? Hold on to that camera. You may not be allowed.

Hospitals Push for Full-Term Deliveries to Improve Baby's Health

Experts say delivering at full-term can help prevent complications for Mom and baby. Credit: Sam Yeh, AFP/Getty Images Considering an early delivery for scheduling or other non-medical purposes? It may be best to wait. According t...Anxious to deliver your baby a couple weeks early? Sorry. It's best to wait it out.

Epidural-Related Deaths in Childbirth on the Rise, but Still Rare

A new thing for pregnant women to worry about: complications from epidurals. Credit: Getty
Whatever happened to spending nine months in a state of bliss, anticipating your baby's arrival?
These days, it seems every hour a new stress...
Women who died from complications from epidurals and spinal blocks during childbirth has risen since the mid-1990s.

Oh, Baby: More Hospitals Asking for Payment Before Childbirth

Nurses take care of newborn babies at a hospital in Taiwan. Some U.S. hospitals are asking for delivery payment up front. Credit: Sam Yeh, Getty Images
Before you pack a hospital bag for your baby's birth, be sure to call the hospital's bill...

Bradley, Lamaze or Mongan? How to Choose a Childbirth Class

Pregnant women spend nine months waiting for the moment when they'll make the trek to the hospital for the big delivery, but you can get a preview of the action at a childbirth class. ParentDish took a look at three of the most popular types of cla...

New Study Says Women Can Eat and Drink During Labor

Pregnant women rejoice! You can now say sayonara to those mouth-numbing ice chips and hello to soda, cereal bars and Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream during delivery. A new study says pregnant women with a low risk for compli...

40 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect During Pregnancy

Time to meet the little one. Credit: GE Healthcare
Welcome, baby! Your little one should make his appearance any day now, and you're likely desperate to meet him! Enjoy every minute.
What's happening to baby: At birth, he'll weigh b...

39 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect During Pregnancy

Take some time to relax before the baby arrives. Credit: GE Healthcare Once your baby arrives, you'll have little time for cooking, so consider freezing a few make-ahead meals, like lasagna and casseroles. Later, you'll be glad you did...

Signs of Labor

Knowing the signs of labor can help prepare for delivery. Credit: Getty Images
Knowing the signs of labor can help a pregnant woman feel more comfortable and confident as she approaches her due date. A woman's body begins preparing for delivery...

The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth

The Bradley Method of natural childbirth is a system by which expectant mothers and their partners work together with an instructor to achieve a less painful, less risky and more natural childbirth. Once a week for the twelve weeks leading up to t...

Labor - Walking, Sitting, Standing Better Than Bed

When women sit, kneel, or walk during early labor, says a recent research review, they shorten the length of their labor time and are less likely to need an epidural. It's standard practice in developing countries for women to be up and on their fee...

Where Should Dad Stand During Delivery?

Parenting comes with many, many questions. Most of them occur after the baby is born -- how do you change a diaper on an airplane, which restaurants don't care if you have spit up stains on your shoulder, and so on. But one question occurs on the day...

UPS Man Really Delivers

Our UPS guy has delivered everything from diapers to Land Rover parts, antique computers to boxes of little foam shapes. One thing he has not delivered, though, is a baby. That special honor goes distinctly to UPS deliveryman Craig Ramirez of Carol S...

Baby Born Over Atlantic

Crossing the Atlantic by plane is pretty quick compared to other methods, but the eight-hour flight from Amsterdam to Boston wasn't quick enough for one little Canadian. She apparently couldn't wait for the plane to land and her mother, a Ugandan wom...


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