Dentists More Likely to Deny Kids on Medicaid Urgent Care Appointments, Study Finds

If you don't have private insurance, dentists are less likely to see children with oral emergencies, Reuters reports. Credit: Getty Images Sorry, kiddo. You'll just have to deal with that excruciating tooth pain you're feeling. See, yo...Dentist offices contacted almost always made emergency appointments for kids covered by private insurance.

Parents Busted for Kids' Rotten Teeth

Watch a video on how to help kids maintain dental hygiene.
Brush your teeth -- it's the law! Credit: Getty Everybody sing along: "I am a little toothbrush, and you put me in your mouth. And if you do not use...
Kids had allegedly not seen a dentist in more than two years.

Dental Care for Kids Needs to Begin With Baby Teeth, Study Shows

Open wide, little one! Credit: Getty
It may seem painfully obvious, but a new study shows preventative dental care for kids and regular brushing can reduce the risk of cavities.
What makes this study out of the University of North C...
Researchers say you're never too young for dental hygiene.

This Little Guy Wants You to Floss

He's so cute, he'll make you want to floss every day. Credit: Unica Home
Each time we visit the dentist, we solemnly pledge we'll floss every single day and we usually do ... for about three days. But now that we've found the Otto Dental Floss...

Low-Income Families Have Trouble Finding Dental Care for Kids

Poor families suffer from a lack of good dental care. Credit: paigewatkins, Flickr
When a 12-year-old Maryland boy died from an untreated tooth infection two years ago, it started a bigger discussion about the need to provide dental care to low-i...

David After Dentist - "Is This Real Life?"

If you didn't know poor 7-year-old David had just been to the dentist, you'd think he spent the last two days over-indulging at Burning Man. Gassed to the max from oral surgery, the little guy does his best Cheech & Chong impression while spacing...

The big mouth in the sky

A while back, Ellie's dentist informed us that she had a bad tooth. One of her baby teeth had cracked and could potentially lead to infection and pain. We didn't have it pulled right away because it wasn't bothering her and we hoped we could get away...

Tooth Tunes, music for your mouth

I was at Walgreens yesterday getting a prescription filled and, as usual, found myself wandering the aisles while I waited for my drugs. I suspect stores like this make a lot of money from people like me who aren't content to sit in a chair and wait....

Halloween candy trade-in

I got an e-mail from the kids' dentists recently letting us know about their Halloween Candy Trade-in program. Basically, kids who bring in their candy can trade it in for a "special toy". Now, everyone knows how bad all that Halloween candy is for y...

M is for Molar

So Jared had his big day at the dentist on Wednesday. He needed to have a tooth pulled because of an abscess in his gum between the baby tooth and permanent tooth. I picked him up at 10am for his 11am appointment, less than half an hour after school ...

Coming soon: chocolate toothpaste

In what might just have children everywhere dancing in the streets as they rub candy on their teeth, researchers at Tulane University has discovered that chocolate may just be better for your teeth than fluoride toothpaste. Okay, not quite. An extrac...

The joy of dentistry

Rachel took Sara and Jared to the dentist last Thursday. It was Sara's first time, so naturally, we were somewhat concerned that she might be scared or uncooperative. Nuh-uh. She sat down, opened her mouth, did everything the dentist and hygienist as...

Good news and bad news at the dentist

I've been spending an awful lot of time in the dentist's chair lately. An old root canal went bad, another tooth needed a crown and my wisdom teeth had to come out. All in all, it's been a painful and expensive year for my mouth. On my last visit, I...

Books for going to the dentist

When I was a little girl, it seemed that I had to get a cavity filled every time I went to the dentist. Most likely, considering they were always on those hard-to-reach back teeth, there was a good chance that I just wasn't brushing them well. So, we...

Dental trips with the kids-- how do you fare?

It seems like we just got the ear infections all under control and started to enjoy a respite from the constant doctor visits and pharmacy bills. But nobody told me that I'd need to start saving to pay the dentist! My son Christian, age 9, has had to...


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