Workshops Help Soldiers Face a Hostile Force: Their Children

Researchers at the University of Minnesota want to make sure brave soldiers remain effective parents. Credit: Getty Images
Soldiers returning home from war often face another hostile force ... their own children.
Deployment can take...
Researchers hope to help soldiers and their children cope with the stress of deployment.

Military Kids Face Emotional Challenges as Deployments Grow, Study Shows

Stress is an unavoidable part of life for military kids, especially while a parent is deployed in a war zone. A study published this month in the journal "Pediatrics" is the first to comprehensively explore the emotional and academic impact of h...

Kids with deployed parents struggle with behavior issues

More than 2 million American kids have at least one parent who is serving in the military overseas, and one recent study indicates that kids as young as 3 years old are exhibiting signs of behavioral problems related to their parents' absence. Res...

A special moment before shipping out

I imagine it must be very difficult to be a parent in the military and be deployed overseas away from your kids. I can understand that some parents might want to do something special before they ship out. Captain Dave Perry had something planned -- s...


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