High Number of Moms - and Dads - Experience Depression, Study Says

Fourteen out of every 100 moms will be depressed in their baby's first year. Credit: Getty Images
We didn't need a research study to tell us being a parent can be overwhelming at times, but we were surprised to learn just how many people suffer...

Big or Little, Sisters Help Ward off Depression

Sisters Serena and Venus Williams are partners on and off the court. Credit: Anja Niedringhaus/AP
She may be bossy or annoying and she might steal your clothes, but having a sister, whether older or younger, helps kids ward off the blues. A re...

Pathological Internet Use Linked to Depression in Teens, Study Shows

Your child's depression might be linked to his Internet use. Credit: Corbis
Your teenager seems moody and depressed? Showing all the signs of addiction? Before you go ordering that tox screen, you might want to consider another culprit: the Inter...

10 Things to Say (and Not to Say) to a Teen With Depression

Choose your words carefully when talking to a depressed teen. Credit: Getty Images
How to show you care What do you say to someone who's depressed? All too often, it's the wrong thing. "People still have such a cloudy idea of what mental il...

Teens With Earlier Bedtimes Are Less Likely to Be Depressed, Study Says

Sleeping early: The key to happiness? Credit: Getty Images
Wondering how to deal with a moody and depressed teenager? Give them an earlier bedtime. In a study reported in the journal Sleep, researchers at Columbia University Medical Center r...

'Melanie's Law' Benefits Research into Postpartum Depression

Her baby was just three months old when Melanie Stokes threw herself from the 12th floor of a Chicago hotel. The 39-year-old suffered from postpartum psychosis, and little was known about the condition when Stokes killed herself in 2001. Now, Co...

Dads Also Experience Postpartum Depression, Study Says

PRODUCTION PLAYER! DO NOT DELETE. About 10 percent of fathers experience prenatal or postpartum depression, with rates being the highest in the three- to six-month postpartum period, according to a study appearing today in JAMA...

Despite Doctors' Concerns, Many Pregnant Women Demand Anti-Depression Meds

Katherine Stone, founder of Postpartum Progress, pictured here with her son, says people don't understand how dangerous untreated depression can be for pregnant women and their unborn children. Photo courtesy of Katherine Stone
Like most new p...

Antidepressants During Pregnancy Could Delay Developmental Milestones

A new study suggests that exposure to anti-depressants in utero could adversely affect an infant's developmental milestones. But a leading Canadian expert warns that any potential risk of taking antidepressants during pregnancy needs to be balanced b...

Study Ties a Kid's Sweet Tooth to Depression, Family History of Alcoholism

Depression can lead kids to crave more sweets. Credit: shelleylyn, Flickr
The school bully stole your lunch money. Everyone laughed when you tripped in gym class. That cute girl in the third row likes you. She just doesn't like like you. You never...

How 'Hyper Parenting' Is Creating Stressed and Anxious Kids

If you are reading this blog right now, chances are good you know what "co-sleeping", "crying-it-out" and "attachment parenting" means. It's likely that you have uttered the words "Baby Einstein," "milestones," "Montessori" and "time-out." You could ...

Your Sleep-Deprived Teen Could Be At Risk For Depression

It's no secret that teenagers like to stay up late. In households across Canada this very night, there will no doubt be arguments over when the lights (and the computer, the TV, the iPod and the phone) should get turned off. But according to a rece...

Postpartum Depression Affects Dads, Too

According to a recent story by psychiatrist Dr. Richard Friedman in The New York Times, postpartum depression doesn't just affect new mothers -- fathers can suffer the devastation, too. Here are some of the most interesting points of the story. ...

New American Girl Doll Encourages Healthy, Outdoor Play

Meet Lanie, American Girl's 2010 Girl of the Year Doll. Credit: American Girl
On January 1, American Girl will debut Lanie, its blond-haired, hazel-eyed 2010 Girl of the Year doll. Lanie Holland, who will be available for one year only, will laun...

War and Economy Take Toll on Kids' Mental Health

Military children suffer through war and recession. Photo:
According to the Pentagon, 2003 saw about one million children of U.S. military troops seek outpatient mental care. By 2008, that number had doubled. What happened in those fives ...


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