Poor Body Image Means Sleep-Deprivation, Carb Cravings for Teen Girls, Study Finds

Study finds correlation between sleep and body image. Credit: Getty Images Teen girls have struggled with their appearances for decades, but new research shows it's not just peer pressure that's contributing to their body image battles...Girls who worry about being skinny can't sleep and, as a result, eat more carbs.

New Parents Eat More, Exercise Less Than Their Childless Peers

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Diet habits are worse among new parents. Credit: Getty Images Babies add so much to their parents' lives -- love, compassion and, oh, yeah, extra pounds. A new study out of the University of...
Study shows young, new parents take in more calories than their peers who don't have kids.

Losing Pregnancy Weight: 5 Diet Tips

To lose pregnancy weight, start your day with oatmeal and an apple. Credit: Getty Images Celebrity moms seem to step right back into their pre-baby jeans moments after giving birth. But for most of us, getting rid of the baby weight ta...Use these five tips to lose those last 5 pounds of baby weight!

Processed Foods Can Lower a Child's IQ, Study Finds

Foods low in vitamins and nutrients can actually lower your child's IQ. Credit: Getty Super sweet breakfast cereals, pre-packaged lunches and fast-food dinner runs may be convenient for parents feeding their kids on the go, but a diet h...A diet high in fat, sugar and processed foods can actually lower a child's IQ.

More Parents Putting Babies on Diets

A chubby baby used to be considered healthy, but now is often looked at as a health risk waiting to happen. Credit: Keith Brofsky, Getty Images
It used to be that a pudgy baby was a joy to behold, with chubby cheeks just begging to be pinched by ...
In an extreme case earlier this year in Washington state, a couple was found guilty of starving their baby by putting laxatives in her bottle so she wouldn't gain weight.

Would You Put Your Baby on a Diet?

Easy on the bottle, baby. Credit: Getty Images
Childhood obesity is a big problem in America. But baby obesity? Really? According to Time magazine, some parents are putting their babies on diets. Not teens, not tweens, but actual babies who ...
Childhood obesity is a big problem in America. But baby obesity? Really?

Study Shows 1 In 4 Kids Younger Than 12 Is on a Diet

Does your kid really need to be on a diet? Credit: Getty Images
In light of America's child obesity epidemic, it sounds like good news: A quarter of all kids younger than 12 is on a diet of some kind, according to a recent study. A question lo...
Those diapers are looking tight. Time to go on a diet, little one.

Overweight Mom Started Daughter on Diet When Girl Was Just 2

A British mom has tongues wagging over the fact that she restricts her 8-year-old daughter's caloric intake -- to the tune of 700 calories per day. That's 1,000 calories less than a typical child that age should consume on a daily basis. Mom's r...

Kids' Diets Heavy on Empty Calories, Study Says

Pizza is now a major food group for kids in the U.S. Credit: Getty Images
If the trip home from school frequently includes a stop at the kids' favorite pizza joint, get ready for a new dose of parental guilt. A study released today by leadin...
Easy on the pizza -- a study released today by leading nutrition experts strongly urges us to reduce the amount of empty calories consumed by our kids.

'Money Hungry' Host Dan Cortese on Keeping His Family Fit

Dan Cortese, with his wife, Dee Dee Hemby, daughter, India, and son, Roman, is a fit father. Photo courtesy Dan Cortese
Whether TV actor Dan Cortese was hosting "MTV Sports" or playing an evil brother on "Melrose Place," a "himbo" on "Seinfeld"...
Whether TV actor Dan Cortese was hosting "MTV Sports" or playing an evil brother on "Melrose Place," a "himbo" on "Seinfeld" or a flaky employee on "Veronica's Closet," one character trait remained constant: His fit physique.

Bacon Or No Bacon? Pregnant Women Get Different Diet Advice

If you're pregnant, feel free to eat to lots of bacon and eggs. They're good for you. Plus, they'll help your baby's mental development. Just stay away from foods high in cholesterol and saturated fat. Like bacon and eggs. They can put your b...

NY Mom Goes to War Against School Junk Food

Will banning foods keep kids healthy? Image: Daino_16/
New York mom MeMe Roth has "been to obesity" and doesn't want her children to go there. The daughter of overweight parents herself, Roth has dedicated her life to fighting what she call...

Adolescent Vegetarianism on the Rise

When my daughter was a teenager, she went though a six-month period of vegetarianism. This change of diet occurred immediately after seeing the film Solyent Green. I've never seen that movie, but I understand it is a science fiction film that explore...

The upside of no longer being pregnant

Many women get depressed over the fact that they are no longer pregnant. They miss having a baby tucked warmly, safely away inside of them. Some believe that post-partum depression in part derives from this feeling. But, I can personally attest, the...

DailyDish - Avoiding candy overload

It is possible to avoid OD'ing on candy after Halloween. ...


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