Does Parenting Make Being Healthy - and Thin - Too Hard?

They say nothing really changes when you turn 40. It's true. It's 41 that's the kicker. I turned 41 last December and have since experienced all sorts of surprising changes, like hair where once there was none and eyes -- eyes which have always se...Are you happy in the skin you are in?

Top food "mistakes" parents make

Getting your child to eat healthfully can be harder than a 48-hour labor. Much of the time, where picky eaters come from is unknown, although it seems able to start at an early age and set in for the duration of childhood if we're not careful. For m...

Trying to take off the baby weight? Keep a food journal

I wish I could blame my extra padding on my kids. Can pregnancy make you gain wait before you've even conceived? No? It's my own fault then. Maggie over at That's Fit wrote a post about a recent study that found that people who keep a food diary lose...

Health tips from your toddler

Looking to lose a little weight or just put a halt to that climbing scale? Look no farther than your toddler, according to Diet-Blog. I love their list of 5 amazing things you can learn from your toddler, because I've thought for a long time that kid...

Because sleep deprivation isn't miserable enough on its own

I wouldn't say I'm on a diet, exactly, but I'm going through the process of changing my pregnancy eating habits -- which can best be described as "if it contains fat, salt, sugar, or preferably all three at the same time, eat until maternity pants se...

Dieting between pregnancies bad for baby

Being pregnant means gaining weight - that is just the way it works. I know that when I was pregnant, I took the opportunity to indulge in whatever I craved. I gave birth twenty-five years ago and still remember the food I ate during my pregnancy. My...

Dieting is unhealthy

Here's the news you may have been waiting for -- dieting isn't good for you. I know I'm going to print a copy of this article for my doctor. Scientists at the University of California have completed the most thorough and comprehensive analysis of the...


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