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Get the Picture

Create cool photo effects with jelly lenses. Credit: Kikkerland One of the best ways to engage kids of all ages in family trips or get-togethers is to assign them the job of photographer. Add Kikkerland's line of jelly lenses to the mix and they...

Celebrity Baby Names and Thanksgiving Goodness - Links We Love

Have to hide your camera from your kids? Give them their own this year, but check out these reviews first. -- AlphaMom Are you still recovering from a Thanksgiving spent with family? Read Kevin Keck's meditation on the generation gap. Do we ever a...

The best (unscary) Halloween movies for kids

When it comes to Halloween, television and film are no exception to trying to up the ante every year in terms of providing us with entertainment and thrills. Most of the time, this involves yet another installation of the Saw franchise, which is...

Will Flip Video lure parents to YouTube?

Our friends over at Engadget may not be all that impressed with Pure Digital's new Flip Video camcorder, but I think it will be a hit with parents. Pure Digital, the makers of those disposable cameras you buy in drugstores, have come out with a pocke...

The Junior Photographer

I have taken well over twenty thousand photos (including two or three good ones!) since Jared was born, so the kids are kinda used to seeing me with a camera. Lately, Jared had been playing with the toy cameras at school a lot and asking if he could ...

Behold, a new concept for the family photo Christmas card

By browsing around the parenting blogsphere, you've no doubt encountered a post or two from parents desperately trying to corral their kids into a reasonable-looking holiday photo. In years past, these photos would turn out totally lame -- everyone d...

From the red carpet: are camera phones the new wallets?

Whenever my husband and I are out, now, he pulls out his camera phone to show off his photos of our kids. And we aren't the only ones: Virginia Madsen pulled out her Motorola camera phone to show Ryan Seacrest, and the TV viewing public, a picture of...


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