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Families That Eat Dinner Together, Stay Slim Together, Study Finds

Kids who ate meals regularly with their family were 24 percent more apt to eat healthy. Credit: Getty Images
Taking time to sit down and eat as a family at dinner could help keep your children at healthy weights.
A new study publish...
Kids who eat frequent meals with their families eat healthier than those who do not.

Sharing New Year's resolutions with your kids

Every January I am fairly sure that I will lose 10 pounds, create sumptuous, nightly dinners for my family and keep an immaculate house for the coming twelve months. Not only do I imagine that I will transform myself, I believe that I will bring my c...

Tuesday night friends and family dinner

We love having people over to our house. After my daughter was born seven years ago, our entertaining became one of the ways to hold onto our former pre-kid life of nearly constant socializing. We couldn't go to happy hour anymore, but we could have ...


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