Would You Buy a "Mud Pie Maker"? For $40?

Hey kids! It's summer! Time to get outside, play in the mud and -- wait! You're doing it all wrong! You need to make PERFECT pies using the newest toy from Little Tykes: The Makin' Mud Pies Kitchen Set. And to think it's only $40! Here -- check ...

Eating Dirt Good for the Kids?

Is eating dirt good for you? Perhaps so. I've heard that in the course of a lifetime we consume and inordinate amount of dirt, and other things too, but is that something that perhaps we're supposed to be doing? Mud pies aside, it may be instinctiv...

Give your kid a green thumb

A few weeks ago, in a fit of optimism, I shoved some some bean and peas seeds into my autumn garden. There may be time for one more crop before the first frost, and with Hurricane Ike sending rain all the way up our way, it may be wet enough too. I...

Courteney Cox's daughter has a potty mouth

I've noticed lately that Ellie has taken a phrase that I say often and made it her own. I actually didn't realize I was beginning many sentences with "I'm guessing" until she started doing it. As in, "I'm guessing you aren't going to let me have ice ...

Baby proofing the outdoors

In my prenatal classes, they had a short section on baby proofing your home. Get on your hands and knees and look around the house, they said.  See it from a baby's perspective and you'll get an understanding of what needs to be done. Our house ...


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