One in Six U.S. Kids Reportedly Developmentally Disabled

At least one in every six children is now considered developmentally disabled. Credit: Getty Images Some say there is an epidemic of children with autism and ADHD. Others say it is really an epidemic of hyperactive parents, teachers, c...Is there an epidemic of hyperactive kids or hypersensitive adults?

Disabled Kids Let Their Imaginations Fly With Wheelchair-Bound Muslim Superhero

Superhero Silver Scorpion has the ability to control metal. Credit: Liquid Comics / AP Your legs were blown off by a land mine. However, you have been granted an extraordinary gift: You can have any superpower you wish. What do you choose? Th...The Silver Scorpion is a Muslim superhero confined to a wheelchair.

Disabled Children in Las Vegas Get a Field of Dreams

There's no grass on the field. Just rubber. Games are only two innings. Everyone bats. Everyone scores. No one is ever called out. The score is always tied. There is no crying in baseball. Not in this league anyway. Disabled children i...

Amazing Mom: Amy Barzach

When baby Jonathan died of spinal muscular atrophy, his mom Amy Barzach devoted her life to creating playgrounds for kids with disabilities. Credit: Courtesy of Amy Barzach
Amazing Mom: Amy Barzach, founder of Boundless Playgrounds, a nonprofit o...

Court Grants Parents Permission to Sterilize 11-Year-Old

A couple won permission from the Australian courts to go ahead with a planned hysterectomy for their 11-year-old daughter, whose medical condition causes her to have epileptic seizures when she menstruates. The ruling has sparked a nationwide debat...

Give Thanks: Youth Sports That Get It Right

Some youth sports organizations think beyond the scoreboard. Credit: North Idaho Dad, Flickr
It's the season for giving thanks – for family and friends, three-day weekends, treks to the farmer's market and Seinfeld reruns. This year I'm s...

Disability Day Contest Angers Parents

Disability awareness effort falls flat. Photo: sxc.hu
When a school in South Australia decided to raise money for a Bangladeshi clinic that repairs cleft lips and palates in children, they knew they needed to first raise awareness among their stu...

Colin Farrell on his son's battle

I think I love Colin Farrell. It makes sense, because he's the consummate bad boy, with his random f-bombs and stubbled face, but the more I read about him, the more I believe he might be a seriously awesome person. Bad boy + heart of gold + doting f...

A child's view of disabilities

Jared and Sara are quite familiar with wheelchairs, walkers, and so on. Both of them have been hanging around folks with varying degrees of physical disabilities almost since birth. When one woman they know got an electric wheelchair, they both wante...

Critical Conversations: Disabilities

My kids are quite familiar with wheelchairs. We volunteer once a week at a nursing home where a goodly portion of the population use them. A fair number more use walkers, canes, and other assistive devices. They're familiar with the effects of aging,...

Do you care if your child's toys are ethically made?

I'm a fan of the blog Baby Gadget. It's a great resource for anyone hoping to find toys that you might not see browsing through your local Toys R' Us. In a recent post, they've highlighted Escor Toys, as a company that makes pull-along trucks, counti...

Siblings of disabled face challenges

Interesting piece in the New York Times about siblings of disabled children and the unique challenges they face. The siblings of the disabled, are often embarrassed by their disabled sibling and then ashamed of those feelings. They may feel their pa...


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