Blind Couple Reunited With Baby Taken Away by State

Erika Johnson and Blake Sinnett's daughter, Mikaela Sinnett, was returned to them after 57 days in foster care. Credit: David Eulitt, Kansas City Star / MCT
Erika Johnson and Blake Sinnett of Missouri had a baby. For two days. Then they had a n...

Lemon the Duck Ends Up in the Library

What do you do when one of the ducks you hatched in your kindergarten class turns out to have a neurological disorder? You write a book about it, of course. Actually, it's not quite that simple. Laura Backman has taken care of Lemon the Duck for two ...

A Little More: To ask, or not to ask

The man at the library, walking with 2 canes, drags his thin, weak legs behind him up to the water fountain, and one of my boys asks, "What's wrong with him?" I lift my finger to my mouth in the universal sign for "shhhh." All 3 of my children loo...

A fear of schools

I wouldn't call it fear, but I probably do have a phobia regarding creams and lotions. I get pretty wigged out when I have to deal with them. This also applies to foods like sour cream and soft cheeses. Still, this isn't the most unusual phobia I've ...

Boys hit by a car now racing cars

David Eustace and his friend Jonathan Schores seem like most other preteen boys, until you notice their limps. Both sustained disabling leg injuries after being hit by a car, and now both race go carts for fun. Their cars have been outfitted with a m...

Enjoy your time with your children

Gee, that sounds logical. Like no one ever thought of that. Still, I got your attention, no? I'm writing today because an interesting era of my life, albeit a small one, is about to come to an end. Really, it's more like a crashing halt, and one th...

Dyslexic teen avoids gas pumps, counsels others

It's amazing the power teachers have. Unfortunately, a bad teacher can quite easily destroy a kid with a simple, callous remark. Luckily, Evan Paul was a pretty robust, strong kid and when of his teachers told him that the world needs people to man t...

"My dad is the Father of the Century"

I'm glad I was working at home when I came across this story; most of my co-workers are not the sorts who think very highly of a grown man crying. This is a pretty cool story of a man whose love for his son drove him -- literally -- to Herculean feat...


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