British Kids Youngest Ever to Publish Scientific Study in UK Journal

I Scientist film from Storymakers TV on Vimeo.
If your fourth grader hasn't yet been published in a major scientific journal, sorry, but she's just been bested by a group of kids in the United Kingdom. Twenty-five kids between the ages of 8 a...
Really young scientists have their work published in a prestigious British journal.

The Hub: Is New Kids' Network Too Commercial for TV?

The Hub is here! Credit: Amy Graves, WireImage
If you're concerned about the impact television commercials have on your kids, wait until you find them watching an entire TV channel brought to you by a toy and game company. You may not have not...
Think there are too many commericals for kids on TV? Check out the new network, The Hub.

Dogs and Toddlers Understand Gestures at Same Level

Dogs are just as smart as two-year-olds sometimes, according to a recent study. Photo: jupiterimages
It turns out that dogs are more like our children than we realize. Two studies have found that man's best friend possesses a two-year-old child's...

Kate Gosselin - Her Side

Kate Gosselin of Jon and Kate Plus 8
Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you had one more child? How about two more? How about SIX more? Four years ago, Jon and Kate Gosselin went from being parents of two to parent...

Discovery buys "How Stuff Works" web site

Discovery Communications (the nice people behind the Discovery Channel) is inching closer toward their goal of making homework and special projects less stressful for parents everywhere. Okay, maybe that's not exactly what their mission statement sa...

Jon & Kate Plus 8: Life with twins AND sextuplets

I am addicted to TLC. Mostly I watch What Not To Wear, but about a year ago, I stumbled on to "Surviving Twins and Sextuplets," the story of Kate and Jon Gosselin's remarkable family. Kate and Jon have six-year-old twin daughters and two-year-old sex...


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