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New Book 'Cinderella Ate My Daughter' Looks at Effect of Girly-Girl Culture

Peggy Orenstein's new book deals with the Disney Princess phenomenon. Credit: Amazon
Some day your prince will come.
Not content with being a prince, however, he wants to go back to school and become a dentist. The royal family diso...
Princesses rule, says author, but it's a tyrannical regime.

Is It Possible to Avoid the Princess Phase?

Down with Cinderella! My twins aren't even three years old, and I'm already sick of that girly triumvirate that seems impossible to escape when you are raising girls: The Princess/Barbie/Pink matrix. Toys 'R' Us has entire aisles devoted to Disney...

Disney's first African-American princess -- back to the drawing board

Here's the good news: Disney is finally creating their first African-American princess. Here's the bad news: They just can't seem to get it right. The first version, The Frog Princess, was scrapped due to complaints that it was too stereotypical. The...

Free Disney DVD!

Ever see a photograph of celebrities and their families smiling outside a movie premiere and think "I could do that!"? Well, we can't promise you red carpet and paparazzi, but we can show you how to get your own free advance copy of the Disney Prince...


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