Kids Play Within Their Ethnic Groups, but Make Others Welcome

Children are willing to make accommodations to let insiders into their group. Credit: Getty Images "A boy like that will give you sorrow. You'll meet another boy tomorrow. One of your own kind. Stick to your own kind." (Anita to Maria ...Study reveals how well kids, left on their own, interact among ethnic groups.

Dress Blues: Gay Moms Learn a Lesson On Gender Norms

"You have got to support me on this one," Em* told me in no uncertain terms. "She has to wear the dress." Em doesn't put her foot down very often, so when she tells me something is important to her, I listen. Problem was, my other easy-going girl ...Sometimes a dress is not just a dress.

Grade School's Gender Diversity Program Riles Conservatives

Learning about transgendered clownfish in school? What would Nemo say? Credit: Getty Images Children at Redwood Heights Elementary School in Oakland, Calif., learn about lesbian lizards and transgendered clownfish. Judge not, they ar...Children learn there are many ways to be male and female.

Kids' Decor Goes Multiracial!

Picking out the right bedding and decor for a baby's room can be challenging enough in its own right, before you've even added the challenge of your new bundle of joy. For some, just picking between stars and fairies and safari animals can be a tough...

It's national diversity book month for kids

My recent post about a circuit court of appeals decision regarding books that acknowledge gay and lesbian families and relationships prompted a lot of good discussion. Continuing with the subject of books, did you know that February is the National D...

Court supports school's diversity curriculum

There is some good and bad news coming from a circuit Court of Appeals in Massachusetts. First, the bad news: it appears I can't complain about my son bringing home a book called "Angel Hide and Seek" when we don't believe in angels. Now the good new...

Florida school board bans sex clubs on campus

I'm not exactly sure what goes on at a meeting of a Gay-Straight Alliance club, but I'm pretty sure they're not donning pretty frocks and rushing in to back rooms to have sex. More likely, students discuss issues such as how "to make their school com...

Stranded in suburbia

When I was raising Christy, I was a single mom making very little money. We lived in a variety of homes - apartments, condos and houses, all rented in what some might consider undesirable neighborhoods. I tried to stay put for her sake, but whenever ...

Public School Registration: The next step

You know, when I last wrote about all this, I might have been a little premature with the whole "we're not getting a divorce" comment. We were all set to appeal Jared's placement at a school halfway across town, when my sister-in-law, who has been wa...

High school's "Avenue of Flags" too controversial

Officials at a high school in Gainesville, Georgia have decided to move a display of international flags -- intended to celebrate the diversity and unity of the community and representing countries doing business in the area or to which students have...


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