An Ex-Husband's Dying Last Wish

Judah, age 3, and his mom Victoria Rosner. Credit: Victoria Rosner
A man leaves his pregnant wife, only to return when he gets a death sentence, and asks her for the biggest act of love a parent can give. What happened to Victoria Rosner is s...

Where Do You Eat Thanksgiving Dinner?

Last year, the Automobile Association of America found that of 2,000 people surveyed, 43 percent traveled over the Thanksgiving holiday, and of that number, 71 percent traveled with children. Don't believe it? Just hang out at O'Hare International Ai...

Away from the kids and no chance for communication

I just returned from spending the majority of my weekend away from home. It was my turn to relinquish the kids to their father for 48 hours. So when an unexpected invitation landed in my lap to get away, I jumped at the opportunity to hightail it out...


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