dollar store 

Babe in Texas Toyland

Santa is not the only one making lists this time of year. In order to know what toys to request, kids peruse toy catalogs and pay close attention to television commercials before making their own lists of what they'd like to receive for Christma...

Why I love the dollar store

It's another lazy summer day and Ellie and her friends are bored again. Trying to keep a group of six-year-olds busy day after day is a challenge, but I have discovered an ally in my local dollar store. With a little imagination and even less cash, ...

Get married for 99 cents

If you have kids, chances are you're either married, have been married, or are at least thinking about tying the knot. However, in spite of the legal benefits, there are plenty of reasons not to get hitched -- one of which is the money. But that conc...


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