Momiji Message Dolls

Momiji's "Love" doll holds a note inside. Credit:
You could buy your daughter a Valentine's Day card from the grocery store. Or whip out the scissors and construction paper and go the homemade route.
But, we're thinki...
Slip an "I love you" message in a sweet tiny doll.

Meet MamAmor, the Doll That Gives Birth

Would you get your kid a doll that gives birth? Credit:
We've seen a lot of dolls here on ParentDish. There was Bebé Glotón, the breast-feeding doll. Then there was the pole-dancing doll. There's also new Barbie Vid...
Not only does the doll "give birth," complete with placenta, but she also breastfeeds.

Hearts for Hearts Girls Dolls Are Gifts That Give Back

Hearts for Hearts Girls features dolls from around the globe, including Lilian from Belarus. Credit:
Does a new doll top your little one's holiday wish list? Here's one that's not only cute, but can make an impact in another c...
Does a new doll top your little one's holiday wish list? Here's one that's not only cute, but can impact another child's life.

Happy 95th Birthday, Raggedy Ann!

95 years, later, Raggedy Ann still makes a great BFF for little ones. Credit: Amazon
Help celebrate lovable, red-headed Raggedy Ann's 95th birthday today with a new edition of exclusive, vintage-inspired Raggedy Ann and Andy Anniversary dolls c...

Girls' Sports Dolls are Positively Playful

Tennis, anyone? Credit: Dream Big Toy Company
ZOMG! No more trashy "teen" dolls with too-short skirts, high heels, cell phones and video screens embedded in their chests. Outfitted with a sports uniform, a backpack and sporty accessories, ea...

G.I. Joe Dolls: A Brief History

G.I. Joe's appearance marked the debut of the action figure. Hasbro introduced the military-themed dolls in 1964. The original figures were realistic 12-inch toy soldiers that represented the four branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. The Action Soldier...

American Girl Dolls: A Brief History

When Pleasant T. Rowland was Christmas shopping for dolls for her nieces in 1983, the educator was disappointed in the choices for eight-to 12-year-old girls. This experience, along with a visit to Colonial Williamsburg, inspired Rowland to create th...

Raggedy Ann: A Brief History

Raggedy Ann, the rag doll with red yarn for hair, was created in 1915 by children's book author Johnny Gruelle for his daughter Marcella. In 1918, the first Raggedy Ann book written by Gruelle, Raggedy Ann Stories, was published. The Raggedy Ann d...

Barbie Dolls: A Brief History

Barbie, quite possibly the most iconic of all dolls, was introduced on March 9, 1959 at the American International Toy Fair in New York. Ruth Handler, the Mattel co-founder, based the design for the first Barbie off a German doll, Bild Lilli, which r...

Creepy Toy Trend: Corner Dolls

Would you put this doll in your house? Credit: Pout Babies
They're called Corner Dolls, Time Out Dolls, and Pouty Dolls. They're out there. And they're weird. Imagine a doll that's approximately the size of the average 2-year-old. Now, in your...

Next Up, A Pole-Dancing Doll

Would you buy your daughter a pole-dancing doll? Credit:
Gizmodo has an item about a new doll. Does it burp? Does it breastfeed? Nope. It dances. On a pole. If anyone was wondering if the world was doomed, here is your confirmat...

Barbie Banned in West Virginia?

It's such a shame that, after 50 years, yet another Barbie boycott is on the horizon. Sure, generations of parents have refused to forgive the doll's blatant disregard for real women's figures. But here's one lawmaker in West Virginia ready to take t...

Bratz Belt Too Suggestive?

If you saw a girl wearing a belt with a buckle that says "Enter," what would you think? You know, right above that bit of anatomy that teenage boys are always trying to figure out to get into? Yeah, that's what I'd be thinking too. And if that belt w...

American Girl's 2009 Girl of the Year Doll Says No to Bullies

American Girl is launching a new Girl of the Year doll for 2009; she's spunky and sassy and she's teaching girls to stick up for themselves. But she's only available for a short time, so put her on your shopping list now. Chrissa is the seventh i...

Doll pulled over Islamic message

Elmo Live may be the hot toy of the season this year, but it's a cute little baby doll who is getting all the attention right now. Fisher Price's Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Cuddle and Coo doll is supposed to utter only one actual word: Mama. The r...


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