New Jersey Teen Rescues Toys for a Second Chance

Rescued and recycled toys at the Babyland/Family Violence Center in Newark, N.J. From left, Aminah Adib-Muhammad, Michelle McAllister, Ebony Macken and Sasha Lipton. Courtesy: Sasha Lipton. Remember the three R's in school: reading, writing and '...

Kid-Friendly Charities to Encourage Your Children to Give

When we started giving my 5-year-old daughter an allowance a few months back, we gave her three choices. She could take her five $1 bills and either put them into her piggy bank to save, a special jar to give away, or in her little princess purse to...

The Debate Over Unused Embryos

It's a question most of us will never have to ask. In fact, it's a question that sounds rather sci-fi more than real life, and yet it is one a growing number of parents must ask themselves. What to do with unused embryos? More and more couples are...

Andrew Lloyd Webber's kids won't inherit his money

(Think that's bad? Click the photo to check out the Top 10 Most Controversial Celebrity Dads) When your dad is worth $750 million, you might expect to never have to worry about money again. But Andrew Lloyd Webber's kids aren't getting a free pass ...

Cheap and easy philanthropy

Sure, you'd like to help out -- help out somehow, somewhere -- but you're not rich and you don't know where to begin, right? Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools has a great way to help out one of the most important jobs we have -- educating the next generation....

Teaching kids the value of money

I ran across this posting the other day about teaching kids what money is all about. I rather like the idea presented -- giving kids control over a part of the family budget that they care about. The example was McDonald's and video games, set at $20...


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