The Year of 'Doing It Anyway'

In nine more days, I will turn 41 and will complete what has turned out to be an amazing year, my "Year of Doing It Anyway." I spent the first four decades of my life not doing a whole heck of a lot of things simply because I was afraid. I didn'...What should you do if you're not certain you're going to succeed at something? Do it anyway.

Dooce Talks HGTV With ParentDish

Dooce is headed to HGTV. Credit: Heather Armstrong
Heather B. Armstrong, known online as Dooce, is on a roll. Since she began blogging in 2001, traffic to her site has skyrocketed, leading to a New York Times bestseller and now... a TV deal. ...

The Duggars Give Advice, Mr. Rogers Visits a Monkey, and More - Links We Love

A sock subscription for Father's Day?. Image:
The other reality TV family -- the Duggars -- tell The Washington Post that they're praying for Jon and Kate Gosselin. Oh, and they have advice for them too. -- LilSugar Koko the "talking" g...

Social networking for babies

Parents with no time for tradition baby books quickly discovered that blogging baby was time-saving electronic alternative to keep friends and relatives updated on their child's growth and development. Now parents have a new option for sharing the da...

Kathie Lee Gifford "uncomfortable" with mommyblogging; TMI in books & television is okay

Blogging celebrity Heather Armstrong (better known as Dooce to most of cyberspace) recently made an appearance on The Today Show. Only instead of promoting her newly released book, Heather was subjected to the judgements of Kathie Lee Gifford about t...

Parenting Blogs, standards, and traditional media

I've been having some trouble blogging recently, mostly because I am struggling with this article. The Globe and Mail is Canada's most popular national newspaper, and it recently profiled one of this country's most prominent "Mommy" bloggers Catheri...

Blogging Baby Sleepover for Friday February 16

This evening's blog roundup has no theme or rhyme or reason, it's just a bundled collection of the blogs I've enjoyed most today. In no particular order, following are the three blogs that most contributed to the betterment of my day: Lena at Cheeky ...

Blogging Baby Sleepover for Tuesday, January 2nd

Happy New Year, everyone! The blogsphere is awash with people looking back, looking forward, and making resolutions. And, in that spirit, our weekly daddy blog round-up has a festive focus. Jon Amrstrong at Blurbomat remembers great friends and gr...

Dooce reviews The Ghost in the House

If you've ever read Dooce by Heather Armstrong (and really, who hasn't), you know that her writing is at times funny and entertaining, and at others, raw and revealing. A couple of years ago, you may recall her painful journal entries describing her ...

Mommies loose in Amsterdam... is that safe?

Melissa's going. So is Heather. Alice will be there. Danielle's going (natch). They're all being set loose in Amsterdam thanks to Blogads and the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Convention. It's no big secret: in exchange for a month of free adsp...


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