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Mom in Hot Water After Admitting She Forced Son to Drink Hot Sauce on 'Dr. Phil'

Granted, the segment is called "Mommy Confessions," but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know it's probably not the smartest thing in the world to appear on "Dr. Phil" with a home video of yourself screaming and berating your kid as you f...
Mother who appeared on "Dr. Phil" now faces child abuse charges.

Lights, Camera, Action: Backstage at the Dr. Phil Show

ParentDish's Amy Hatch discusses moms' leisure time with Dr. Phil. Photo courtesy of Amy Hatch.
When the producers of the Dr. Phil Show called and asked if I would come and talk to them about moms and leisure time, it was, as they say, an offe...

Are We Doing This Parenting Thing All Wrong?

Parents may need to rethink how they dole out love. Credit: jupiterimages
If there's one thing modern childhood experts have drilled into our heads, it's that we should avoid overpraising our kids. Apparently, our unconditional approval w...

Should Dr. Phil show on teen violence move forward?

Last week, producers from Dr. Phil's daytime talk show posted bail to release one of the teens accused in the now infamous videotaped beating of another Florida teenage girl. The accused teen was to appear on an upcoming Dr. Phil Show about teen viol...

Dr. Phil staff bails out jailed teen

Staff of the Dr. Phil show have bailed out a jailed teenager arrested for allegedly videotaping the beating of another teen. Mercades Nichols , seventeen, is being charged as an adult, as are seven other teens accused of taking part in the beating...

Adoption scammer confronted on Dr. Phil

I've never seen an episode of Dr. Phil, but I wished I had seen these two episodes. Apparently, last week a woman who scammed a family who thought they were adopting her baby was revealed and confronted on the show by the same family. It appears this...


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