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New Dr. Seuss Book Featuring 7 Rarely Seen Stories to Publish This Fall

Credit: Amazon Parents who wish they could expand their Dr. Seuss libraries will be thrilled to know seven rarely seen books the famous children's author penned in the 1950s are about to hit bookshelves, the Guardian in London reports....The stories were published in magazines in the early 1950s.

Toy Fair 2011: Top 10 Educational Toys

Sure, this year's Toy Fair was all about baby vampires, dancing robots, and giant flying fish. But it was also about playthings that –- through either sneaky or overt means –- could build up your kid's brainpower. Here are the top toys ...Here are the top toys we found for giving your kids a mental workout.

Oh! The Places Your Sneakers Will Go

Seuss-ify your sneakers. Credit: Converse
You'll be off to great places, off and away, with brains in your heads and Seuss on your shoes. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers just got a whole lot cuter with a collection celebrating everyo...

We heard Horton

This week is spring break for Jared and Sara, so my mother-in-law decided to take them and their cousin to see Horton Hears a Who, the latest Dr. Seuss book to be turned into a film. I took a long lunch and went with them. I'm extremely anti-violence...

Horton's a hit!

I am so in love with the fact that my kids love Dr. Seuss books. Right now, their favorites are One Fish, Two Fish and The Foot Book, but my older daughter is starting to warm up to the longer stories. I hope that some of the social commentary is sin...

Dr. Seuss returns to the big screen

Every week, Jared brings home a book from the school library and we make sure that it is one of the stories we read to him at bedtime. This past week, the story was Dr. Seuss' classic, Horton Hears a Who! If you're not familiar with it, it's the stor...

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

To celebrate the birthday of Theodore Geisel -- better known as Dr. Seuss -- the National Education Foundation started the Read Across America campaign to build a nation of readers. After ten years, the program now reaches nearly every home, school, ...

Animal Tales stamps available in the U.S., but no Paddington Bear

I was loving the Royal Mail's Animal Tales stamp series so much, I joked that I wanted to move to London. Well, thanks to Suburban Misfit for pointing out that I only have to move my behind to my nearest post office. Sadly, though, no Paddington Be...

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish: Shoot me now

Oh no. Oh dear. Not that again! From Dr. Seuss' wicked pen! No Cat  in the Hat, no Horton, no Who - Just 63 pages of fish who are blue, Of Gacks and of Gumps, Of Yings and of Mikes, Of creatures so frightening My son is all like, "Daddy, pl...


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