Teen Drinking at Home: Helpful or Harmful?

Parents have mixed feelings about serving alcohol to teens at home. Credit: Getty At some point, most parents will confront the issue of underage drinking with their teen -- whether it's in middle school, high school or college -- and ...Many parents do supply their teens with alcohol -- at least some of the time.

Tune Out: Pediatricians Issue New Guidelines for Entertainment Media

The AAP says to limit your kid's screen time to two hours a day. Credit: Getty Images
Quick: How many gadgets does your kid have? Between iPods, computers, handheld games, televisions, video games and the like, we're guessing it's hard to keep...
Average kids spends more than seven hours a day watching TV and using computers, phones and other electronic devices for entertainment. The only thing they spend more time doing? Sleeping.

Kids Who Watch R-Rated Movies Are More Likely to Drink, Study Says

Will boozy movies make your kid hit the bottle? Credit: Getty Images
Ever wonder if you're a bit over protective about what you let your child watch? Think the other parents roll their eyes behind your back? Well, vindication is yours: A new st...

Students Say Weeknight Prom is a Buzz Kill, but That's the Point

No curfew busting with a weeknight prom. Credit: jupiterimages
Ask any teen what the best thing is about prom, and "after-prom" likely will be the answer. But that may change for students at one Rockland County, N.Y. high school, where administra...

Beer And Cookies For Santa?

Should Santa knock back non-alcoholic brews while on the job? Credit: sodabug, Flickr
Pity the poor marketing executive who was sure this campaign wouldn't generate any backlash: Labatt Breweries of Canada launched a series of ads in early Novemb...

Economy Driving Moms to Drink

Is this your economic survival strategy? Image: sxc.hu
Times are tough all over. For so many of us, incomes have decreased while expenses have not. Where bill-paying used to involve sitting down to write some checks, it can now resemble a workout...

Mom Hosts Vodka Chugging Party for Teens

Coming up with fun ideas for birthday parties gets a little more challenging when the kids outgrow Chuck E. Cheese and inflatable bounce houses. What's a mom to do with for a typical 14-year-old who frowns on clowns and face-painting? How about an al...

Kids Serving Grown Up Drinks

Alcohol and kids go together like...well, they don't really go together all that well, do they? Before kids, you might not have thought twice about polishing off a bottle of wine with dinner or enjoying a night on the town with your drinking buddies....

Motherhood - Did It Change Your Drinking Habits?

Last week, I had dinner with an old friend. We were laughing about her wedding nearly nine years ago, the last of a long string of weddings that summer and one of the best. Newlyweds ourselves, my husband and I made good use of the open bar, spent ou...

Children Shouldn't be Allowed to see Liquor Bottles?

Other than layovers at the Salt Lake International Airport and one quick business trip, I have never spent any time in the state of Utah. But while living in nearby Idaho, I became aware of Utah's unusual laws regarding alcohol. Most notably, bar pat...

BWI - Breastfeeding While Intoxicated

The great thing about breastfeeding is that you never have to worry about being unprepared -- you always have your baby's food source right there with you, no matter what. So if you're out shopping or get stuck in an elevator, no problem. Ditto if yo...

Should Doctors Keep Minors' Info Confidential?

This is a tough one. I remember being a kid on the brink of being a teenager--we didn't have the word "tween" back then--sitting in my pediatrician's office waiting to get examined or get a shot or whatever. That doctor was not someone I felt like s...

Angelina Jolie Denies Pregnancy Rumors...Again

Hot on the heels of bringing twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline into the world, rumors have been flying that Angelina Jolie is pregnant again. The twins joined Ange, partner Brad Pitt and four other children mere months ago, with Angelina spo...

Drinking problems and childhood IQ linked

You'd think that having a higher IQ would mean being smart enough not to abuse alcohol. But in fact, having a high IQ as a child may actually put a person at risk for drinking problems. When researchers compared the drinking habits of over 8,000 a...

An occasional drink - Safe during pregnancy?

Is that glass of wine calling to you? Holding off because you're pregnant? Then you might want to ask your doctor if she thinks light drinking during pregnancy is safe. A recent study in the UK found that baby boys born to women who indulged in an...


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