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SmackDown: Should Parents Teach Teens How to Drive?

Are parents really the best driving instructors? Illustration by Dori Hartley
Parents and Teens Will Drive Each Other Crazy by Jessica Samakow If your kids wanted to go skydiving, would you teach them how to jump your...
When it comes to teen driving, are parents the best teachers? Or is it time to call in the pros?

New Teen Driving Act Proposed to Help Save Lives

More than 4,000 teenagers die in car crashes in the United States each year. Credit: Getty Images
Motor vehicle crashes are the number one killer of teens in the United States, with an average of 11 teens dying in car crashes each day – m...

What's in your wallet?

Before I had kids, I carried a very simple wallet. It held a few cards and that was it. It didn't even fold; it was basically just one side of a folding wallet. On one side, there was a plastic slot for a driver's license while the other had about th...

"Dangerous driver" Nick Hogan loses his license

Earlier this month, Hulk Hogan's 17-year-old son Nick was charged with third-degree felony reckless driving involving serious bodily harm, as well as use of a motor vehicle in commission of a felony, being under the age of 21, operating a vehicle wit...

Teens: hang up and drive in California

Yesterday, Governor Schwarzenegger signed a bill prohibiting teenagers from using "mobile service devices" -- including cell phones, iPhones, pagers, laptops, and other such gadgets -- while driving. There are already more than a dozen other states t...


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