It's So Hot Outside: Tips on Keeping Kids Safe in the Summer Heat

Credit: AFP/Getty Images Yep, we know: It's hot out there. Like, really, really hot. Like, so hot you really don't want to step outside of your air conditioned bubble. But how much TV can you allow your kids to watch before you just br...Young children are especially vulnerable to heat, experts say.

Boy Meets 911 Dispatcher Who Saved His Life

Last week, 3-year-old Malachi Sessions nearly drowned after falling into an above backyard swimming pool in New Haven, Conn. But quick thinking by 911 dispatcher David Mancini saved the boy's life. "Today" reports Mancini gave CPR instructions...The 911 dispatcher gave CPR instructions and the boy is now OK.

Researchers Say Kids Shake Off Near-Drowning Experiences

Researchers in Finland found most kids who almost drown get over it. Credit: Getty Images Granted, it's not the way you want to spend your Sunday afternoon, but drowning is not all that bad. Well, it is if you actually drown drown...Most kids don't suffer psychologically from near-drowning, according to study.

Boy, 9, Hailed as Hero After Rescuing His Little Sister From Drowning

Tristin Saghin, 9, and his family were visiting their grandmother in Mesa, Ariz., when the worst happened: His 2-year-old sister fell into the backyard swimming pool. According to Mesa Fire Department Spokesman Capt. Forrest Smith, the girl...
The boy started CPR on his sister after she fell in their grandmother's backyard pool.

Boy, 9, Saves Little Brother's Life With CPR

PRODUCTION PLAYER! DO NOT DELETE. After saving his 2-year-old brother from drowning, Logan Hearn has proven that he takes his big-brother duties very seriously. The 9-year-old from Joliet, Ill., performed CPR on his little bro...

Opinion: Young Girl's Death Not the Result of Too Many Bake Sales

A young girl died in a tragic accident because ... schools are too obsessed with fundraising? Huh? That's the conclusion New York Times writer Jim Dwyer reached July 16, after reading the results of an investigation into a school trip that we...

Should Babies Take Swimming Lessons?

Swimming lessons alone won't keep your child safe around water. Image: sxc.hu
Most of us, whether we live near the water or not, want our children to learn to swim as early as possible. Not being able to swim is a safety concern and a valid one a...

Teen saves boy from drowning

Water safety is pretty darn important, especially if you're going to be hanging out at the lake. You can either opt for swim lessons, a good lifejacket or PFD (personal flotation device), or, you could just keep Jason Wright of British Columbia, Cana...

Are infant swim classes a good thing?

As a parent, a huge part of your job is to make sure your kids don't die. Given the startling prevalence of dihydrogen monoxide in the world, it would seem prudent to teach children to deal with it from a very early age. The American Academy of Pedia...

Hunter Tylo on losing her son

The Bold and the Beautiful actress Hunter Tylo has definitely experienced more than her fair share of pain and suffering when it comes to her children. Her daughter battled eye cancer as an infant, losing one eye before making a recovery. As difficul...

Actress Hunter Tylo's son drowns

Hunter Tylo, known for her role on the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful, has just experienced a parent's worst nightmare: her 19-year-old son, Michael Tylo, Jr. drowned in a pool in Henderson, Nevada late Thursday night. Clark County Coroner, Mi...

Wave Pool re-opens

You may remember the sad story of four-year-old Carlos Alejandro Flores who drowned after being left unattended in the Great Barrier Reef wave pool at the Great America amusement park in Santa Clara, California. The accident happened on July 12th and...

Four-year-old drowns at Great America

You gotta watch your kids. At the playground, if you're not watching, they're liable to get clobbered by a kid on a swing. In a 150-foot-long wave pool, they may very well drown. That's exactly what happened yesterday at the Great America amusement p...

The dangers of pool drains

It's that time of year when parents fret about the dangers of swimming pools. By now we are all aware that seconds away from children near a pool can lead to tragedy. But did you know about the hidden danger at the bottom of the pool? When Abigail Ta...

Scouts save Stephanie

Is there a badge for saving a drowning girl? Eighteen-month-old Stephanie Pacheco got away from her parents and fell in the Platte River at Two Rivers State Recreation Area, about 20 miles west of Omaha. Eleven-year-old Christian Nanson and nine-year...


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