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Barbara Harris on Adopting Drug-Addicted Babies and Why She Started Project Prevention

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Barbara and Smitty Harris are surrounded by their adopted children. Courtesy of Barbara Harris
Twenty-one years ago, when Destiny Harris was born, she tested positive for crack, PCP and heroin.
After adopting four children from the same drug-addicted mother, this mom took action.

'Drugs to Mugs' Documentary Shows the Horrifying Face of Abuse

Oh, sure, you're a hot te enage girl now. But start taking meth and you'll go from prom queen to the Crypt Keeper before you can say "pathetic loser." That's the message Multnomah County Deputy Bret King of Portland, Ore., wants to get across ...Deputy hopes to scare kids into their wits with real-life horror movie.

Afghan Moms Using Opium to Lull Kids to Sleep

When you're trying to lull kids to sleep, many parents will turn to swaddle blankets, pacifiers and, in emergencies, drives around the block with their child strapped into the car seat. And, then, there are parents who feed their kids sedating...In Afghanistan, opium has become an addiction that is passed on from one generation to the next.

Moms and Drinking: Secret After-Hour Addictions of Working Mothers

Moms are good at hiding their drinking. Credit: Getty Images
Is it "wine-o'clock" yet?" is a cry heard among many moms after a rough day with the kids, the boss and, in many cases, both. But a new study says a startling number of working mothe...
More moms are drinking their stresses away -- and keeping it a secret.

Worst Babysitter Ever?

They've never found Bigfoot. The Loch Ness Monster? I don't think so. But The Worst Babysitter In The History of Babysitting? Yep. I think this is her. Let's look at the facts. Brandy Albright was babysitting a 2 year old boy in Port St. Luc...

Anthony Kiedis' Memoirs More About Dad than Himself

Looks like Anthony Kiedis is making a move to go from writing songs to writing something even more personal--his memoirs. HBO is set to air a series about the life and times, so far, of the lead singer of rock band the Red Hot Chili Peppers, much o...

Ryan O'Neal and son arrested on drug charges

You know what they say about the family that plays together... Well, maybe that turn of phrase was actually the family that PRAYS together, stays together. Either way it looks like Ryan O'Neal better say a few prayers for himself and his son, Redmond...

Latest drug craze: cheese

There's a new kind of cheese out there and it is killing kids. This isn't a recall notice on a toxic tainted dairy product, this is a new drug that is inexpensive, highly addictive, and can easily be fatal. "Cheese heroin" is a mixture of black tar ...

Life beyond the Harry Potter books

After the fourth Harry Potter book I got burned out on reading them out loud to my kids. Yes, that might make me a bad mother, but holy moly those books are so long. Luckily by the time my interest was waning, my son was able to read them himself. Th...

Teens report less drug use

A government report, summarized on the L.A. Times web site yesterday, reported that fewer teens are abusing illegal drugs, though the rate of illicit drug use among all Americans has remained steady over the last three years. The number of youths age...


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